Master Students

1. Sabrina van der Enden (2013)

Smallholders and sustainable palm oil production: A better understanding between policy arrangements and real life practices. A case study of the Siak smallholders site. Riau province, Sumatra.

Supervision: Peter Oosterveer (ENP) and Maja Slingerland (PPS)

2. Rosa de Vos (2013)

Palm Oil land Disputes in West-Kalimantan: The politics of scale in processes of dispute resolution: An empirical research on dispute resolution strategies in Sambas district.

Supervision: Otto Hospes (PAP)

3. Melissa Cuevas (2013-2014)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Crude Palm Oil Mills in the Tapi River Basin (Thailand) and Options for Control

Supervision: Carolien Kroeze (ESA) en Kanokwan Saswattecha (ESA)

4. Laurie van Reemst (2014)

Title thesis: Livelihood analysis and baseline study for implementation of best management practices (BMP’s) by oil palm smallholders in the village of Ramin, Jambi, Indonesia.

Supervision Maja Slingerland (PPS)

5. Violace Putri (2014-2015):

Topic: Measurements of root growth in relation to current and past fertiliser management in control and BMP demonstration plots.

Supervision: Ken Giller and Maja Slingerland (PPS)

6. Camilla Ponte (2014-2015):

Topic: Institutional change and technical knowledge in a RSPO certified oil palm farmers' association in Ukui, Sumatra.

Supervision Sietze Vellema (KTI) and Maja Slingerland (PPS)

7. Marije Willems (2014-2015)

Topic: Sustainable palm oil production in Thailand: Exploring environmentally and socially sustainable pathways for palm oil production in Thailand

Supervision: Peter Oosterveer (ENP)

8. Johanne Deike (2014-2015)

Topic: The multi-level promotion and advocacy of the ISPO by the Indonesian government

Supervision: Otto Hospes (PAP)