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FAREWELL SYMPOSIUM PAUL HEBINCK Studying Rural Transformations From Below: Critical Reflections On Development

In this half-day symposium, we will celebrate the life and work of Dr. Paul Hebinck, who has retired in May 2019 from the Sociology of Development and Change Group (WUR) as Associate Professor. Dr. Paul Hebinck has been important in developing the well-known Wageningen actor-oriented sociology of development. His ideas about and work on rural transformation in Africa and beyond are globally recognized.

Organisation Sociology of Development and Change
Datum der Aktivität

Do 12 September 2019 15:00 bis 18:30

Standort Leeuwenborch, gebouwnummer 201
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In this symposium, we are delighted that two well-known scholars, Prof. Charlie Shackleton from Rhodes University and Prof. Glenn Banks from Massey University, will provide reflection on studying rural transformations as an entry-point to understand contemporary dynamics around development and change. Dr Hebinck will respond to these reflections and provide his own vision on the topic and provide ideas where research should go from here to understand rural development and change in the 21st century.

15:00 WELCOME by Prof. Bram Büscher (WUR, Sociology of Development and Change)
15:05 LECTURE ‘Transformations and translations of landscapes, resource use and livelihoods in South Africa’, by Prof. Charlie Shackleton (Rhodes University, South Africa)
15:45 LECTURE 'Power, agency and development: Unpacking politics in Melanesia', by Prof. Glenn Banks (Massey University, New Zealand)
16:30 RESPONSE & VISION by Dr Paul Hebinck
17:00 REFLECTION by Dr Conny Almekinders (WUR)
17:10 REFLECTION by Dr Yves van Leynseele (UvA)
17:20 REFLECTION by Dr Hellen Kimanthi (WUR)
17;30 WRAP UP & THANKS by Prof. Bram Büscher
17:35 DRINKS in Leeuwenborch restaurant