Potluck dinner: celebrating cultural diversity!

Two international student associations are joining forces to celebrate the ever growing diversity of cultures at Wageningen University & Research. Together, IxESN Wageningen and ISOW are organising a potluck dinner open to all students who would like to join a multicultural food festivity. Participants are invited to prepare and bring dishes from their home countries or specific regions to share their cultures.

Organisation 100 years WUR
Datum der Aktivität

Mi 16 Mai 2018

Standort Wisdom and Wonder Pavilion, Wageningen Campus

After the unveiling of the Must Leave sculpture we will have a '100 dishes' potluck held in a festival-like setting with music and dancing. We will celebrate together. The plan is simple:

-      Bring a home-cooked meal from your own culture and share this so that we can all enjoy an incredible variety of delicious dishes. We will combine our event with the potluck event of ISOW and IxESN, let them know what dish you will be bringing:

-      If you have one, please bring along a musical instrument for the jam sessions that will take place (in addition to the performances) and feel free dance along to the rhythms.