Thymos Health Week

SWU Thymos is organizing the Health Week again from the 22th till 25th of May! This week will focus on three themes: moving, mental health, and nutrition. In this week all kind of activities will be organized such as: a boot camp, workshop sport massages, lectures, a movie, yoga lesson, running clinic and much more. Furthermore you can subscribe for health checks, a body composition measurement and for a rebalancing massage. Since sports cannot go without nutrition, everyday healthy lunches are offered which you can buy at Sports Centre the Bongerd. You can also create your own smoothie by biking at the Forum. Below you will find more information and you can subscribe for all activities because the whole week is sports rights free!

Organisation Thymos
Datum der Aktivität

Di 22 Mai 2018 bis Fr 25 Mai 2018

Standort De Bongerd and Wisdom and Wonder Pavilion, Wageningen Campus

Healthy lunches and Smoothies
From Tuesday – Thursday (22 t/m24th of May) during the lunch SWU Thymos will sell healthy lunhces and smoothies in the Sports Pub & in front of the Forum. Everyday another lunch will be sold. The lunches costs only €2 and the smoothies €2.

Body composition Measurement (Monday 22th May and Friday 25th May)
In 15 minutes your bodyfat, weight and length will be measured. With this information your BMI (Body Mass Index) can be calculated. Ingi Alofs, sports teacher at the SCB will conduct the measurements.

Health Check (Tuesday 22th of May and Wednesday 23th of May)
Are you interested to learn more about your health? During the health check your BMI and blood pressure will be measured. Moreover you will do a short VO2-Max test. After this you will get advice by Tijmen van Oostenbrugge, specialist in power trainings at the SCB. With this health check you will get a general image of your health in only 20 minutes.

Learning a sports massage (Tuesday 22th of May)
Do your muscles need a massage? By practicing sports a lot your muscles can be stiff and painful. Matthijs Klaassen, specialist in power trainings at the SCB, will teach you how to give a sport massage to each other. The costs are €3 per person and your subscription will only be valid if you transfer the money within two days to NL66RABO0367012626

Bootcamp Marathon on Campus (Tuesday 22th of May)
You will fit within an hour after you have done this boot camp. This boot camp is different from all other boot camps since we will take you all over the campus to do the exercises! Subscribe below and make sure you are ready in front of Sports Centre the Bongerd. 

Rebalancing Massages (Wednesday 23th of May)
With rebalancing massages the movements are slower in order to find the ‘tension knots’ in the muscles. In this way your body get conscious and is able to release the tension which can be there for a long time already. Finally your body can feel truly relaxed. A rebalancing massage is given to people to relax but also to reduce pain and injuries. The costs of this massage is €5 and the massages will take one hour. Your subscription below is only valid after you have transferred the money within two days to NL66RABO0367012626. There are only five spots available so be quick!

Lunch Lecture: ‘You better sleep’ (Wednesday 23th of May)
A good night rest is needed for your body and brains. A good rest will renew energy, recover and repairs your body and it will clean your body and brains. You will remember things better and you will be clearer in your head. Less sleep will lead to tiredness, less concentration, overreaction, less energy and you are vulnerable to diseases. Do you want to know how this works and what is behind this all? Come to your lunch lecture about sleep and learn how to get enough sleep and a good night rest. The lecture will take place in the Orion C3033 from 12:30-13:15.

Yoga lesson on Campus (Wednesday 23th of May)
Kundalini yoga is a practice in yoga in which you exercises prepare you for meditation. This kind of yoga focus on breath exercises, which you can use in situations of stress. Besides the yoga consists out a lot of moving exercises which is different from other kinds of yoga. Isabelle Silivis will provide the yoga lesson and she studied at Wageningen University and is now certified yoga teacher. She knows how busy the life of the student can be and that it is important to relax. Subscribe below, we gather on the field behind the Orion.

Movie Night at the Spot (Wednesday 23th of May)
In the Spot a movie will be shown about health. The title of the movie is still unknown and we will announce it as soon as possible! Keep in touch!

Interactive Lecture on the Spinning Bike (Thursday 24th of May)
Sorry Dutch only!

Running Clinic (Friday 25th of May)
Do you want to start running again? Come to our clinic and learn how to improve  your running technique. Jan Groenenveld will do several exercises and provide you with personal advice such that you can improve your running trainings!

Slacklining (Friday 25th of May)
Do you want to dance between the trees? Friday afternoon the climbing association, Ibex, will provide a clinic in Slacklining. Subscribe below and come to join us in front of the Forum at 17:30!

Sports around the World (Friday 25th of May)
On Friday evening a ‘potluck dinner’ will take place in the Bongerd. Furthermore everyone can bring the sports which you practice in your home country to the Bongerd. A mix of cultures, sports and food will all come together in this evening. There is also a facebook event so follow us there to be updated!