Prof. Dr. Atze Jan van der Goot

Prof. Dr. Atze Jan van der Goot was trained as chemical engineer at Groningen University, The Netherlands He completed his MSc in 1991. The same year, he started his PhD on Reactive Extrusion under the supervision of Prof. Leon P.B.M. Janssen at the same university. After completion of his PhD 1996, he joined Unilever Research as research scientist for three years. Then, he moved to Wageningen University to take up a position as associate professor in the Lab of Food Process Engineering in 1999. In 2015, he became Professor Sustainable Protein Technology.

Currently, he leads a research team that focusses on the development of novel processing concepts for healthy and sustainable foods Besides, he is the scientific leader of the Plant Meat Matters research program, which aims at the development of the next generation meat analogues. He (co-) authored more than 150 peer reviewed papers and holds 6 patents.

Further, Atze Jan is active in communication to general public through presentations on (scientific) conferences and interviews in general media worldwide. So far, 22 PhD-students graduated under his(co-) supervision.

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