Through the field experience of the international students the course material is brought to life much more

Student International Development Studies
Prior Education: Social Geography, University of Utrecht

Through the field experience of the international students the course material is brought to life
Jopy Willems, student International Development Studies

Prior Eduction

Within my Bachelor’s I was able to choose different directions, but I mainly focussed on urban geography, political geography and developmental geography. The things I learned at for example rural geography I can still use within my Master’s. I completed my Bachelor’s with pleasure, but unfortunately in Utrecht I couldn’t find a Master’s that matched my interests exactly.

My Choice

Through the grapevine I heard about the Master’s International Development Studies in Wageningen and decided to have a look at the Open Day. I really like that, in consultation with the Study Advisor, an entirely own study direction can be chosen. Apart from that, I find it a big advantage that there are so many international students enrolled in the Master’s. Through their field experience the course material is brought to life much more. Finally, to me it is a big advantage that this Master’s lasts 2 years. I found that this aspect missed in many Master’s in other cities. This way, in the first year there is still time to really acquire more theoretical knowledge and the second year can be dedicated entirely to the internship and thesis.

My Experience

It turned out that it was possible to take courses at other specialisations or Master’s programs and in that way I have now discovered that I am also interested in micro-finance and development economics. I also like the fact that the lecturers are very committed to the students. We are regularly invited to lectures and congresses or are forwarded emails about interesting documentaries or internships. As a result I have had an internship of six months at the Ministry of International Affairs and I am in Mali for my Master’s thesis at the moment. The professors at the University of Wageningen have a large network which can made use of as a student.

In short: don’t let the commuting time stop you (in practice almost 1/3 of the Master students live outside of Wageningen so you can commute together every day) and come to Wageningen!

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