Enrolment Information for Students

Application and Selection

Application and selection for the BSc Honours Programme is done in two steps. No extra tuition fee is required for participation in the Honours Programme. If you are admitted, we will register you for the Orientation Course. You only receive credits/ECTS for courses in the BSc Honours Programme if you complete the whole programme of 30 credits.

Step 1: Application Orientation Course

Are you a first-year student and would you like to participate in the Honours Programme next to your regular BSc programme in Wageningen? Then apply for a place in the Orientation Course BSc Honours Programme. This course is given in period 5 2023, from 19h00-21h00 on the following evenings, on the campus in Forum, not online:

  • Thursday March 23 2023
  • Thursday March 30 2023
  • Wednesday April 5 2023
  • Wednesday April 12 2023
  • Tuesday April 18 2023
  • Monday April 24 2023

This Orientation Course is meant to give you an idea of the BSc Honours Programme, after this course you can decide whether or not to participate in the continuation of the Honours Programme.

Application instructions for the Orientation Course can be found on the right side of this page. The deadline for application is 20 February 2023.

Send your application by e-mail to Maria Jaartsveld.
We always send you an "application received" message so make sure you notice that after sending in your application. (It is not an automated message so you might receive it a little later when we are in the office).

Step 2: Application for the continuation of the BSc Honours Programme

You can only participate in the continuation of the BSc Honours Programme if you have completed the Orientation Course. Selection takes place based on your motivation, performance in the Orientation Course and your reflection paper.
Also you need to have completed all first year courses with a good average on 1 September 2023.


To successfully complete the Honours Programme, you must have earned 180 credits after 3 years and 30 credits for the BSc Honours Programme. An exception can be made if you have formally received extra time for your bachelor's programme, for example because you are doing a board year and you receive FOS. In that case you have to discuss your plan with the Honours Programme Director beforehand and receive written approval to extend the programme. Students who have successfully completed the Honours Programme and who also completed their regular Bachelor's degree programme will receive a BSc Honours certificate in addition to their BSc diploma.

Learning outcomes

After a successful completion of the BSc Honours Programme graduates are expected to be able to:

  1. Identify, analyse and solve complex issues within the domain, beyond the regular BSc level;
  2. Integrate disciplinary knowledge in a challenging, multidisciplinary research project;
  3. Define and progress a long term and student-managed group project;
  4. Discuss and debate issues in science and society based on scientific arguments including ethical and philosophical considerations;
  5. Build and maintain a network in science, society and business, supporting one’s academic and professional career;
  6. Show a purposefully self-directed personal development;
  7. Develop one’s authentic leadership style by inspiring others and by showing vision and initiative.