myWURtoday - Everything you need to know!

myWURtoday is your gateway to the information you need and when you need it. You use myWURtoday as a handy app on your mobile phone (iOS and Android) or as a web version on your computer myWURtoday helps you during your studies by informing you about your personal timetable (via TE), your courses (via Brightspace), and your grades (via Osiris). It shows you the news of the day and informs you about important announcements regarding courses and messages from WUR.

In myWURtoday you can find:

  • Course information and announcements
  • Registration for courses and notifications about study progress and grades
  • Your personal education timetable and Office 365 calendar
  • Education and study-related news
  • Practical information, i.g. about study choice and study life

Subscribe to the news you need!

During your studies, you will need information at different times. With myWURtoday, you decide which news you want to receive. For example, news about the campus and courses is important at the start of your studies, but when you are about to graduate you will want to receive news about your thesis and finances.

To subscribe to your preferred feeds in the mobile app go to Subscriptions & Notifications under the hamburger menu. On the website, you can subscribe via the User Menu in the upper right corner.

Install the app

Install myWURtoday for iOS
Install myWURtoday for Android

myWURtoday is very useful for your studies at Wageningen University, so we recommend that you install the app.

Questions about myWURtoday

How can I install the myWURtoday app?

You can find the myWURtoday app in the de Apple store or Google play store. See the quick-start for a short instruction on how to install and use myWURtoday.

Where can I get help on myWURtoday?

First, check our manual page.
If that doesn't help, contact Servicedesk IT at +31 317 488888 or via

How can I log in to myWURtoday

You need a WUR account or a WUR e-mail to log in. New students will receive this from 1 July, when the tuition fees have been paid or an authorisation has been issued.