Looking to collaborate?

Would your organisation like to engage with talented, dedicated students and support their personal and professional development? Are you looking for out-of-the box ideas? Partnering with WUR Student Challenges provides a unique opportunity to show your commitment to a sustainable and equitable future, to scout talent, and to get inspired. Contact us if you would like to explore partnering with us.

Curious to know what our partner network looks like? Take a look at the partner network for the Urban Greenhouse Challenge #3 or view the partner network for the ReThink Protein Challenge #2.

This is what our partners say

Experiencing the energy, optimism, and ingenuity of the student teams was very inspiring
Renee Bell, The Good Food Institute
I really appreciated helping the students to improve their projects. The teams were very creative, coming up with innovations with great potential.
Guillaume Morel-Chevillet, GROOF/Astredhor
The fact that we were also challenged to think about all of these aspects was stimulating. The conversations they had with me were the conversations we at Signify have with our own clients.
Sabrina Carvalho, Signify
It’s such a diverse group of students, from all over the world, and their ideas are as diverse. And to see so many people and companies put their energy and knowledge together for such a beautiful project gave me great joy.
Rosalie van Schie, Cauberg Huygen
I think it is important to have these kind of challenges to let students think about explorative innovations.
Jeff Zuidgeest, Rabobank
It was a great experience to coach the teams on their futuristic and sustainable plans. Seeing and hearing how these students look at sustainable business models was truly inspiring.
Peter van den Dool, Van der Knaap
The Challenge is a fantastic way to support students with our knowledge of the market and future trends. In this way, the students really take note of the newest technologies and we are challenged by questions from this new generation.
Sandro van Kouteren, Parus