Student Physician / General Practitioner

In The Netherlands, your General Practitioner (huisarts) should always be your initial contact for all medical matters. The General Practitioner (GP) is key in the world of health care, treating patients for basic non-surgical problems and providing consultations for most of your general health questions.

The GP also serves as your link to most other services such as hospitalisation, specialists, midwifery, physiotherapy, etc. If necessary, the GP can refer you to a medical specialist at short notice. The GP keeps your medical record up to date and prescribes your medication.

How to find a General Practitioner in Wageningen?

You should register with a GP upon arrival in The Netherlands. You can choose your GP yourself, but sometimes a practice is already filled to capacity and may refuse new patients. Ask around for tips or search online for General Practitioners in Wageningen, Bennekom or Ede. Please make sure you feel comfortable with your GP, as changing once registered is discouraged and rarely done.

The Student Medical Center Wageningen on Campus (not part of Wageningen University) accepts new patients and they are experienced in student-related problems.

If you live in Bennekom or Ede

Students living in Bennekom or Ede can register at doctor Crans and Hartvelt.
For info on the Pharmacy in Ede click here.

Visiting your GP

In case of illness as well as for general consultations on less urgent matters, first phone your GP. A trained medical assistant will answer your call and note your complaints in order to properly schedule your appointment.

Vaccination Centre

Visit the vaccination centre for advice on vaccinations. You can make an appointment online. Visiting address: Plantage 8, 6708 WJ Wageningen.

There are two options to get the vaccination costs covered:

  1. You can get your vaccinations at the vaccinatiecentrum and at the GGD. Check the conditions of your health insurance for coverage of the costs. If you have the collective insurance IAK-VGZ through Wageningen University and you chose additional package VGZ jong, the costs of the vaccination will be covered. You do not need a specification on the invoice.
  2. To be eligible for reimbursement of vaccination costs, the applicant must meet the conditions as mentioned in the Wageningen University Vaccination and Travel Funding Regulations (Part I Vaccination Costs)

Please note:

  • The Application Form must be signed for approval by the WU internship or thesis supervisor and the WU study advisor. -If granted, the reimbursement amounts to a maximum of 100 Euro.
  • Per student, the vaccination costs may be reimbursed for one trip in the BSc programme and one trip in the MSc programme.

You can download the application form here or pick up a copy at the student desk in the Forum building.