Study Programme - Biosystems Engineering

The MSc Biosystems Engineering is a two-year programme. Starting in September, the first year consists of 40 weeks of coursework. This includes compulsory courses for your profile and courses of your own free choice. The second year is divided into a thesis research (26 weeks) and an academic internship (16 weeks).

The programme is individually tailored to your interests and requirements. The Biosystems Engineering programme, like all MSc programmes at Wageningen University & Research, is taught in English.

Outline of the programme

Year 1

Compulsory courses

Modelling of Biobased Production Systems
This course deals with building and testing computer models for innovative and existing agricultural production systems. The course focusses on the background of methodologies for modelling, simulation and analysis.

Quantitative Analysis of Innovative Biosystems
This course focuses on the quantitative analysis of new design concepts, innovative ideas and technology for biosystems.

Biosystems Design
In the course students will apply a structural engineering design method to a biosystems engineering related design problem with a focus on system innovation

Profile courses – Thesis preparation

These courses are aimed at giving the students an in-depth knowledge in the area where they intend to proceed with their research. As per the curriculum, a minimum of two courses that fits the thesis track needs to be done, prior to the start of the research.

Optional Courses / Free choice

Students can take courses from any discipline that is being taught in WUR, to broaden their knowledge and to explore different opportunities.

Academic Consultancy Training

ACT gives the students an opportunity to work in teams to execute an inter-disciplinary driven consultancy project for an external commissioner (for example governmental, private and civil society organisations). The teams and projects are allocated based on respective student interests. For more information about ACT, click here.

Year 2


The master's thesis for Biosystems Engineering lasts for about 24 weeks, amounts to 36 credits in the curriculum. A thesis can be performed in one of the 7 thesis tracks. The thesis topics usually fit into the on-going research in Wageningen, but there are also possibilities to perform other research, as per the student preferences. Following are the main thesis tracks that are followed in the biosystems engineering research.


As part of the master's programme, the student is entitled to perform an academic internship that should last for 16 weeks and accounts for 24 credits in the curriculum. The aim is to give the students an opportunity to put in the skills that they learned, in a professional setting and can be done in or outside the Netherlands if the project fits all the criteria.