Specialisations - MSc Forest and Nature Conservation

The MSc programme Forest and Nature Conservation consist of a common part and a specialisation.

Common part

The common part consists of compulsory core subjects which you will have to follow despite your specialisation choice. The exact content depends on your prior education and future plans.

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A specialisation is a consistent, coherent and feasible package of courses, allowing you to specialise in a subject related to your own interests. It reflects the specialised research areas of the Chair Groups contributing to the programme.
You can choose from one of the three MFN programme specialisations:

Policy and Society

The specialisation Policy and Society focuses on understanding how people interact with nature in a broad sense. Themes which are addressed in this specialisation are for example policy concerning nature,human-environment interactions and stakeholder processes concerning nature.

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The emphasis of this specialisation is on understanding the ecological processes that form the basis for the structure, composition and functioning of forests and natural areas. Within the specialisation you can focus on a topic of your interest within the scope of the study

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The specialisation Management combines theories from both ecology and societal factors influencing nature. In this specialisation you focus on the management of forest and nature areas where you will focus on the scientific basis for nature management.

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