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Fernando - Legislative Adviser

Fernando had a prestigious position as Legislative Advisor at the Federal Senate in Brazil. Still he decided to invest in further knowledge. He chose the MSc Management, Economics and Consumer Studies in Wageningen. Now he helps the Federal Senate and applies his knowledge to build a better country. He strives for more equality, less poverty and more social justice on a democratic basis and with environmental preservation.

I'm striving for my personal ideal: recreating the world with equal opportunities for all.

What exactly did you do before this career break?

“I have degrees in Civil Engineering and Public Sector Economics from the University of Brasília, Brazil. Also, I got diplomas in public finance, budget and foreign trade from official bodies such as the IMF and the Brazilian Ministry of Finance. With this background I became a Legislative Advisor.

But you decided to take a break?

“I left to get my master’s degree at Wageningen University & Research. This career break was inspired by the resolve of my previous organisation to provide the Federal Senate with the highest-level strategic expertise.”

Why did you choose Wageningen University & Research?

“Because it is among the top ten universities in publications on agriculture, animal and plant science, as well as having relevance within environmental studies. Also because of the excellent worldwide rankings. The university has a good reputation.”

What happened when you returned to Brazil with your master’s degree?

“On my return to Brazil I could immediately use my master’s degree. The Senate TV station invited me to join a televised debate about the Soybean sector thanks to my thesis. A few months later I was advising the President of the Biofuel Sub-Committee during an International Conference. It felt completely comfortable as I was well prepared. Mostly because I had written a technical report about the subject at Wageningen University & Research some months before, during my internship.”

Could you tell more about your new job?

“In the course of my job, I write reports, papers and drafts of bills. The latest was on social policies of the Netherlands, and Brazilian environmental tax reform. I also still contribute to agribusiness programmes broadcasted by the Senate Radio and TV stations.

I intend to continue working at the Federal Senate and applying my knowledge to build a better country, with more equality, less poverty and more social justice on a democratic basis and with environmental preservation.”

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