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The course offered and the knowledge about sustainability and food are very versatile

Student Communication, Health and Life Science
Prior Education: Amsterdam University College

My semester exchange to Sweden was a perfect addition.
Charley Snoek, student Communication, Health and Life Science

Prior Education

I did the Bachelor’s Liberal Arts & Science at the Amsterdam University College (AUC). There I mainly focussed on the social aspect of environmental issues and especially on communication. After my Bachelor’s I wanted to do a Master’s in Environmental Communication. Unfortunately this didn’t really exist anywhere - except for in Sweden, but I didn’t want to go there for two years. The WUR offered me a good alternative: communication sciences applied to a life-science domain of my choice. These choices included environmental issues and sustainability. I chose for a minor in which sustainability was combined with food because this gave some direction in a concept as broad as sustainability and because the courses on offer and the knowledge at the WUR are very versatile.


The transition from the AUC to the WUR was a very easy one. I had sufficient foreknowledge and therefore I didn’t have to partake in any pre-Master’s courses. I was also used to a, for a Bachelor’s program, high learning pace so that was not a problem either. The courses at the WUR were to my liking. The only thing that I missed in the mandatory communication courses was a focus on the environmental problems. Therefore I ended up doing a semester’s exchange to Sweden, which was the perfect addition.


In the meantime I have started on my thesis in which I am researching the framing of the consumption of animal products on Dutch television. For my internship I am looking at communication agencies that are designing strategies for sustainable initiatives. After my Master’s I would like to do that kind of work. Besides that, I see myself becoming project leader of sustainable initiatives or starting my own company.

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