From University of Amsterdam Bèta-gamma or Future Planet Studies to Wageningen

Are you interested in a master’s program at Wageningen University & Research after your bachelor’s at the University of Amsterdam? Then take a look at this page. Here you will find the experiences of students who have completed their bachelor’s at the University of Amsterdam and are now doing a master’s program in Wageningen. Besides that, you will find information regarding admission.

With a bachelor’s degree in Bèta-gamma or Future Planet Studies you can easily transfer to different master’s programs at Wageningen University & Research.

Student experiences

In Wageningen there is a lot of attention to develop academic and professional skills.

Student testimonial

Anna | From Future Planet Studies to Urban Environmental Management

The two-year program in combination with the internship was decisive in choosing this master’s program.

Student testimonial

Bart | From Bèta-gamma to Management, Economics and Consumer Studies