Participating chair groups

WIAS combines the research of thirteen chair groups of Wageningen University within the domain of animal sciences. At the moment more than 225 PhD candidates are enrolled in WIAS. There are about 30 postdocs connected to WIAS. WIAS’s scientific staff consists of about 130 faculty members, including 13 full and 16 personal and special professors, and 30 researchers from three Wageningen research institutes (Bio-veterinary Research, Livestock Research and Marine Research) are associated to WIAS.

WIAS research is organised in three related, and partly overlapping, core areas: ‘Future Food Systems’, ‘Integrative Biology’, and ‘Population Dynamics and Genomics’.

The groups cooperate in three clusters

Animals in Future Food Systems and Society


Population Dynamics and Genomics

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Integrative Animal Biology


The chair groups of Department of Animal Sciences

Chair groups of the Department of Environmental Sciences