Creating your study plan

When creating your study plan it is important to make sure that your supervisor from your home university approves your selection in order to be sure about the academic recognition of your courses.

Generally speaking you can choose any course you like in Wageningen, as long as it fits your level and background and the language of instruction is English. You need to meet the assumed knowledge listed for the course and this should be apparent on your Transcript of Records. All courses at MSc level are advanced and require background knowledge on the topic at a BSc level.

We strongly recommend you to choose courses from your own field and from one specific programme; fitting your preference and background. This guarantees a coherent and well-balanced selection.

In period 1, 2, 5 and 6 you can select a total of 12 ECTS per period. In period 3 and 4 you can select a total of 6 ECTS per period. Most courses in Wageningen are 6 ECTS, however we also have 3 ECTS courses. You can select two courses per period (select one in the morning and one in the afternoon) or a whole day course (WD). In the longer periods courses can be scheduled a whole day, usually either the first four or the last four weeks of the period. The workload of 60 ECTS per academic per year (and 12 ECTS per long period) amounts to a considerable study workload of 42 hours/week. This includes lectures and “practicals” (computer work or working in the laboratory), additional work like individual or group assignments, presentations, and preparation work (reading) for classes.

If you want advice about the courses you have selected, contact the WUR exchange coordinator (depending on your field of study). Include course title and code in all correspondence about the study programme.

Some exchange students complete their learning agreement with “MOS” modules (Modular Skills Training Courses). One MOS module values 1,5 ECTS. Check out the Study Handbook for these courses of  the Chairgroup Education and Learning Sciences (ELS). 

Course registration

If you have been accepted and enrolled as an exchange student, you will receive a student account. You need this in order to register for your courses. It is especially important that you register for the courses before the course registration deadline. Registration for courses is mandatory and failing to register will result in not being admitted to the course. Further instructions will be sent after admission.