Thesis research

If you are interested in doing an MSc thesis, it is important that you find an opportunity and thesis supervisor within one of our Chair groups. Please note that not every chair group has sufficient time or staff available for supervision of individual students. A supervisor will be likely to ask you for your cv, courses and techniques studied so far, and your level of English proficiency.

Chair groups of Wageningen University

At Wageningen University credits awarded for a thesis run from 30 to 39 ECTS. The number of credits given for this type of education depends on the time demanded to execute the project and must be determined in consultation with the professor.

Exchange students need explicit permission from the Examining Board to conduct a thesis at Wageningen University & Research. This process is facilitated by your Exchange Coordinator after you have been accepted for the exchange.

In your application for the exchange make sure that you mention the project title, credits in ECTS, Chair group and supervisor at Wageningen University. It is important for the WUR Exchange Coordinator to know who you have contacted.