Erasmus+ Application procedure for internship (voluntary or after graduation: from academic year 2023-2024 no longer possible) and thesis

On this page you can find the procedure and the forms you need to fill in to apply for an Erasmus+ grant for internship or thesis abroad.

  • All documents need to be handed in before departure.
  • Please fill out all forms on a computer. Handwritten forms cannot be accepted.
  • Thesis: it may differ which form you need to fill in. When you are nominated for your exchange period at one of our partner universities (by your exchange coordinator), you need to fill in the study forms. Otherwise you need to fill in the 'internship forms'. You can find the internship forms here below.
  • If you have already been on exchange, have a look at our requirements. Students cannot exceed the maximum allowed amount of months per degree program to go abroad (maximum 12 months per BSc, MSc or PhD). These requirements apply for Voluntary and After graduation internships as well.
  • Please note that this information is subject to change. No rights may be derived from this information.

1. Grant Agreement

The Grant Agreement is the first document you need to fill in and hand in. The Grant Agreement can be downloaded below.

    • It has to be signed by the student only. Administrators sign the document after application is completed.

    • Save your document as: GA [last name]

    • Send it to:

    • DeadlinePreferably one month before the start of the internship/thesis, at least before the internship/thesis period starts.

Download the Grant Agreement and fill it in:

Grant Agreement for Traineeship/Thesis 2023-2024

2. Learning Agreement (= Erasmus+ Learning Agreement)

The Learning Agreement is the second document you need to fill in and hand in. The Learning Agreement can be downloaded below.

  • The Learning Agreement needs to be signed by three persons:

- The student

- Erasmus Administrator

Receiving institution (=organisation where you are going

to do your internship/thesis)

  • Save your document as: LA [last name]
  • Send it
  • Deadline: As soon as possible, but at least before the internship/thesis period starts.
  • The number of working hours per week for an internship/thesis has to be minimum 35 hours per week, and maximum 40 hours per week.

Download the Learning Agreement and fill it in:

Learning Agreement Traineeship/Thesis 2023-2024

Useful information to fill in the GA and LA

Examples how to fill in the Grant Agreement and Learning Agreement:

Example -how to fill in the Grant Agreement for Study and Traineeship 2023-2024
Example how to fill in the Learning Agreement for Traineeship 2023-2024

Information you need to fill in the GA and LA:

If you are a BSc student; select the MSc code which is related to your BSc programme.

Useful information to fill in the Learning Agreement correctly:
Guidelines Learning Agreement for Traineeship

3. Internship Contract (= Internship/Thesis Learning Agreement)

The third document you need to hand in is you internship contract.

You don't have to hand in an Internship contract if you are you applying for the Erasmus+ grant for: Internship after graduation, Voluntary internship, Or PhD. Please contact the exchange office. For more information about this.

Internship Learning Agreement:

  • Hand in a copy of your internship/thesis agreement (which you made with your WU supervisor).
  • Save your document as: IC [last name]
  • Send it
  • Deadline: Before the start of your internship.

Thesis Learning Agreement:

  • Since you fill in your Thesis Learning Agreement in Osiris, you can forward us to the non-reply confirmation e-mail called "Your Thesis Learning Agreement is approved by your supervisor"
  •  Deadline: Before the start of your thesis.

4. Online Linguistic Support (OLS) Placement Test

For the Erasmus+ requirements you are encouraged to complete an online language test. The OLS is a highly recommended part of your Erasmus exchange.

The invitation to the OLS Placement Test will follow after you handed in the Grant Agreement. You can find more information about the OLS here.


If your stay exceeds more than 5 days in duration compared to the original duration mentioned on your signed grant agreement, you need to file for an extension period. Please go to Extension period abroad for more information.

Upon return

You also have to hand in documents after you return from your thesis/internship abroad. You can find these compulsory documents at Upon Return Exchange Internship/Thesis

Student Charter

You can find your rights and obligations as an Erasmus+ student here.

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