Beachclub - 3 September


12:00-20:00 hrs: Water Wetnessday | Argo, Aqua, Aquifer, Pila Ictus and IJzersterk

Are you ready for wet activities like sponge wrestling, luxurious belly-sliding-and-ring-the-bell-as-fast-as-possible, water bottle football, wet dodgeball and blindfolded obstacle races? Or do you just want to do some other relaxed beach games like beach volleyball, beach tennis and frisbee while enjoying an ice-cream? You can do it all on Water Wetnessday! Tip: you might want to bring some extra clothes. And for those who cannot get enough during the day, there will be a party in De Bunker (Dijkgraaf) from 21:30 hrs, of course with the dress code ‘Water and Beach’!

Join us for a splashing experience.

12:00-20:00 hrs: Doop Shooter | Ichtus

Do you need time to cool down after your lectures? Join Ichthus Wageningen at the Beach club! The Christian study association offers you a game called ‘doop-shooter’. If you strike the target with the ball provided, the person sitting below the bucket will get a shower. Would you like to pretent ‘baptizing’ people by giving them a shower? Give it a try and meet our members of Ichthus Wageningen.

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