Beachclub - 9 September


12:00-13:30 hrs: Lunch Concert | De Ontzetting

During this lunch student orchestra De Ontzetting will play for you. De Ontzetting is a concert band that mostly consist of (old) students of Wageningen University and is conducted by Jean-Pierre Gabriël. In this concert we will perform ‘Earth Wind and Fire’ and film music from ‘How to train your dragon’ and a few other pieces. This orchestra rehearses every Thursday evening and besides making music, they also like to go to the pub and have other fun activities. Want to know more:

17:00-18:30 hrs: Beach Lacrosse | Wageningen Warriors

Once upon a time, there was a war on the Great Plains in the United States of America. Around a thousand men carrying lacrosse sticks were fighting on the field as Warriors with the goal of bringing glory and honor to themselves and their tribes. Now, lacrosse is played in Wageningen and you can even become a Wageningen Warrior! Come and experience the feeling at the Beachclub and play some beach lacrosse with us!

18:30-20:00 hrs: ‘Kwalleballen’ | VGSW

We are VGSW, a not-so-big but active Christian student association in Wageningen. We like studying the bible, broadening our horizon via various activities and doing typical student stuff. We will go 'kwalleballen' at the Beachclub at 18:30, please come join us! The rules....? You will hear them then, but don't forget your sports-pants or swimsuit, because you might get dirty...

We hope to see you then! Are you Dutch (sorry internationals...), student and Christian?  We would love to welcome you in our midst! Have a look at our website for more information.

Snacks: Mr Hapje with pizza

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