Tailor-made courses

Do you want to be in charge of what, when, where and how? Go for tailor-made!

We will find a fitting solution for any question you may have or language or communication skill you want to learn.

Tailor-made language courses


Tailor-made courses English

Are you looking for an English course that matches your specific needs? For example, do you work in an organisation with a lot of internationals contact and do you often have to phone or e-mail in English? Or perhaps you want to get a better handle on specific skills such as English pronunciation?

For example:

I am interested in an tailor-made training English


Tailor-made courses Dutch

Are you looking for a Dutch course that matches your specific needs? For instance, do you want to learn Dutch for business reasons? Or perhaps you want to work on a specific skill such as Dutch pronunciation? Our tailor-made courses take your specific learning needs into account. Click here for more information.

For example:

  • Academic Dutch for non-natives
  • Business Dutch for non-natives
  • Dutch in the social context
  • Intensive Protramme Dutch

I am interested in an tailor-made training Dutch

Tailor-made communication courses

Communicatietrainingen op maat.jpg

Tailor-made courses communication

If you can play with language, you can communicate more effectively.

Whether you give a presentation, write a text or want to achieve more in less time.​

The same course in Dutch? Needless to say, we are In’to Languages.

Themes in which our courses fit:
> Effective speaking
> Effective writing
> Effective working

I am interested in a tailor-made course communication


Tailor-made courses intercultural communication

The past years we have all become more internationally-oriented and the diversity in our society and within organisations have increased a lot. We travel around the world for business or for fun, we work in international or multidisciplinary teams and we study or work abroad.

Because of this, intercultural competencies are becoming increasingly important in the professional sense, to help you feel at home, when working together and in being successful.

Topics you can think of:
> Working together in international teams
> Intercultural leadership
> Interculturel competencies

I am interested in a tailor-made course intercultural communication

What do other people think of our tailor-made courses?

The Wageningen in'to Languages courses are excellent training for professionals. It was very intensive, but highly productive for my learning path

Iulian Barba Lata | Assistant Professor Landscape Architecture, Wageningen University & Research

When I wanted to take my English pronunciation to a higher level, a tailor-made course at a high level was a logical step. I improvised and the teacher stepped in and corrected me every time at my own request. That's nice because constructive criticism is the breeding ground for growth. In the meantime I keep practising. I always want to improve

Dirk-Jan Plate | Pension specialist