WUR Business Day: sharing latest insights

The Business Day at Wageningen Campus will give you a feel of how the latest and most relevant research and innovation topics can contribute to the innovation agenda of your organisation.

This day offers company leaders, innovators, developers and policy makers an opportunity to get familiarised with current topics and provides an inspirational outlook on novel technologies and their possible applications and impact.

Topic 2019: Finding answers together

The second edition of the business day focusses on developments in technology and new innovations. WUR will explain and discuss the topics new proteins, climate challenges, data and platforms, phenotyping, circularity challenge and balancing nutrition and sustainability.

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Former Business Days

Company Day 2018: Future Perspective

How will technologies such as block chain, CRISPR/Cas, and big-data processing change our future? Who is going use them? The participating startups, SMEs, larger businesses, and other stakeholders gave an inspiring glimpse into the new technologies that WUR already has in house, as well as those WUR is working on for the future.

The keynote speaker was Rudi Cartuyvels of IMEC, a global leader in nano-electronics and digital technologies. He says that the main challenge is "to provide everyone with a healthy life on the one planet we have."  Nanotechnology can play an important role in that by measuring absorption of medicines, food, nutrient intake by plants, etc. However, collaboration is essential: "You need to merge the technological and professional expertise of companies and universities by physically bringing people together." He suggested the creation of a hub, under the working title “One Planet Gelderland Research Center”, in which WUR, Radboud University, and Radboud university medical center, collaborate with companies in the fields of agriculture, food, health, and nanotechnology.

Michiel Scheffer, provincial executive of the Province of Gelderland, added: "Initiatives like this One Planet Center are a challenge, because we don't have a fixed framework for them. We have to do that in order to create an ecosystem where everyone can be a part of a worldwide agenda."

WUR impact portofolio

Specific applications of 100 years of research were presented in the “WUR Impact portfolio”.


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Looking back on collaboration with WUR

On the occasion of its 100-year anniversary, WUR asked various partners to share their opinions on past communication and collaboration with WUR. They share their experiences in filmed testimonials.

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Ruud Tijssens of Agrifirm is involved as a partner in the topic of “Climate Smart and Circular Food Production”

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