Mapping for Sustainable Intensification

The overall aim of this strategic program of Wageningen-UR is to develop, apply and exploit innovative methods to reveal opportunities for sustainable intensification in order to realize 70% increase in production by 2050. We label this as a Benchmarking Atlas for Sustainable Intensification of agricultural Systems (BASIS).

Agricultural production systems and their scope for change can be characterised by a wide set of biophysical and socio-economic variables, such as soil type, climate, crop and animal types, levels of input and production, markets, infrastructure and farm structure. Many of these variables are site-specific. In this program we quantify the scope for increasing productivity and resource-use efficiency of agricultural systems based on site specific information and identify the factors that explain so-called yield and resource-use efficiency gaps. This is needed input for informed decisions on policy, research, development and investment that aim to affect future production and sustainability. We use geographical information systems to structure and visualize the information in maps.

The most visible product of this program will be an Atlas, a collection of digital maps with the essential site-specific parameters that characterise current agricultural production systems and the scope for a sustainable intensification of future systems. All this with local relevance.

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