How satisfied are you with your study advisor?

Published on
February 26, 2014

Would you like to spend a few minutes on sharing your opinions about the service of your Study advisor(s), do you want to make the service of your Study advisor(s) better and better in the future, are you interested to have a chance to win one of three €10 gift cards? If one of the three questions is “Yes”, then please surely fill in the online questionnaire, which only takes you around 3 minutes.


The topic of Study advisors originated from the Student Council 2012/2013 in last academic year. In order to describe a general portrait of an ideal Study advisor, the former Student Council used semi-structured interview techniques to seek insights from different types of students. The types cover bachelor and master students, Dutch and international students, and male and female students.


Based on all qualitative results from those interviews, the Student Council 2013/2014 decided to seek more insights from students by using the quantitative questionnaire of evaluating the service of Study advisors. This is the motivation that the Student Council designed the questionnaire for you to ask your opinions and experience. Having your cooperation, the Student Council will be able to use the answers of this questionnaire to provide your study advisor(s) with suggestions for improvement of the services that they can offer you.


All your contribution is just to completely fill in the questionnaire by clicking the link.