Who is representing you next year?

Published on
May 19, 2014

Student Council elections have started! This year three parties will be in the running to fill the 12 seats of the Student Council for the academic year 2014-2015. All students currently enrolled at Wageningen University, with the exception of short-term exchange students, can vote at https//

Here a short introduction of the different parties.

VeSte Wageningen

VeSte Wageningen (United Students) is the only established party for the Student Council elections this year. VeSte looks after the interest of active students and wants to stimulate a broad academic development, both within and besides the university programs. With your vote, we can continue to ensure the maintenance and improvement of both qualitative education as well as well-organised student facilities, as we have been doing as a party for 17 years already. Our colour is blue, and during these elections, you will recognise us by our blue VeSte shirts. By reading our flyer, visiting our website or approaching us in the election week, you can find out who our candidates are and what we stand for. Vote VeSte!


S&I is a new student party in the Student Council Wageningen University. Together with other parties we represent the Student Body's interests to join in the policy making process with the Executive Board of Wageningen University. We are trying to build a better University. Our main focus is Sustainability and Internationalisation in the university. With your support, we will do our best to maintain Wageningen the 'most sustainable university' and improve the cultural communication amongst students from different countries. Visit our Facebook page where you can find a more extended introduction of our candidates, their interests and their views. Vote S&I!

CSF Wageningen

We are a new initiative of united Christian students who want to be the critical voice in the Student Council. Our core values are responsibility, equity, honesty, transparency and stewardship. Starting from those values we want to stimulate personal development, improve and maintain quality of education and remain with a social university while it is growing. The courses can be extended with a more critical view on science; students have to develop their own opinion during their study. In a growing university we want to emphasise that small student associations are still needed and that financial compensation should stay the same. Students with problems like loneliness should be supported by a student pastor and student psychologists. the staff and facilities have to grow along with the university, the quality of education should stay the same and enough working places should be available. CSF believes in responsible growth with maintaining the current level of education or our university. Please vote CSF during the next Student Council elections!