Operational management

Wageningen University & Research is at the forefront of sustainable operational management.

This means that WUR takes an integrated approach to implementing sustainability internally and incorporating it into our dealings with external parties. Sustainability is an inherent aspect of our decision-making process. It is our ambition to integrate social responsibility in all our operations.

The path to sustainability

WUR does put a lot of energy in making its operational management more sustainable. This is noticeable in daily practice: Wageningen Campus is ecological and green, with sustainable buildings and facilities. In the last few years energy and water use have been reduced significantly, more use is made of sustainable energy and more waste flows are collected separately. In procurement processes social responsibility and sustainability are important starting points. And, Green Office Wageningen helps as a catalyst to involve students and employees in sustainable initiatives.

The impact of WUR’s operational management on climate and environment is monitored with the yearly calculated CO2 footprint. This insight helps in taking steps to reduce WUR’s emissions. High scores in benchmarks, such as SustainaBul, GreenMetric and the Transparency Benchmark, show that our efforts did have an impact.

Social Responsibility

It is in line with our organisation and our domain that we attach great importance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The core of our strategy is to weigh up the various interests in such a way that the balance between scientific, social and economic interests is maintained without limiting our responsibility to our own activities. We report about our social responsibility in the Annual report, according to the GRI-initiative.