About 100 years of Wageningen University & Research

In 2018, Wageningen University & Research will celebrate its 100th anniversary. A century in which the organisation has proved its worth as a worldwide expert in the field of healthy food and living environment. In these hundred years, we have acquired a wealth of valuable knowledge and developed high-quality education. The unique combination of teaching and research has enabled the organisation to improve the quality of life. We intend to continue the mission of our organisation into the future. ‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.’

We do this together with students, staff, alumni and partners from government, industry, academia and society. 9 March 2018 will be our 100th Dies Natalis. We will celebrate our successes from the past and look forward to the next 100 years.

‘Wisdom & Wonder’

A hundred years ago, in 1918, our university was awarded academic status. During the past hundred years, we have developed into a knowledge institution of worldwide renown. Our organisation’s strength lies in the responsible way we conduct research and apply the knowledge we acquire. Our mission and driving force is to use this wisdom to improve the quality of life, while paying special attention to the challenges facing future generations.

We allow nature to inspire us. Our open, inquisitive spirit encourages us to explore and investigate. We excel in creating global solutions for the future, based on our knowledge and research in the field of life, health, food and food production.

We look back with great pride on our results from the past hundred years, and the impact they have had on society. We are now ready to start working together on opportunities for the future. We hope you will join us in celebrating this future: prepare to be inspired by 100 years of Wageningen Wisdom & Wonder!