General information

What: Company Day 'Future Perspective'

When: 27 September 2018, 09:00-18:30

Where: Opening, lunch, closing: Orion Building, Bronland 1, Wageningen Campus. From Orion Building, you will be guided towards the location of your theme rounds.

Big Data theme rounds: Atlas

Blockcain theme rounds: Axis (to be confirmed)

CRISPR-Cas theme rounds: Impulse/Helix (to be confirmed)

Climate Smart Circular Food Production: Zodiac

Photosynthesis theme rounds: Unifarm

Precision Agriculture: Gaia

Invitees: Innovators, marketeers, developers in the Ag-Food sector who wish to learn from the innovations of WUR to discover the possibilities for the innovation agenda of their organisation.

Registration: Free, via this link