For the whole family

Do you want to bring your partner and / or child(ren) to the WUR100FEST? No problem! In the afternoon, besides music, dance, theatre and comedy, there are also all kinds of activities for the whole family.

Get to know Ietje Termietje and the WURwolf, let our researchers explain everything about bugs – like wasps, butterflies and water creatures. Participate in the dance energy battle and generate as much power as possible with your moves, color along to the birthday garland for WUR and get excited on the bouncy castle.

Do you like to eat or drink after all these activities? Then sit down on one of the many terraces and order a delicious drink - from lemonade to the Hoppy 100 years beer that is only served on 15 September - or order something from one of the food trucks.

Come to the WUR100FEST and be amazed!

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We would like to hear if you are planning to come, so that we have an idea of ​​how many people we can count on. Let us know via the button below.