Information performances WUR100FEST

On this page you learn all about the performances and where they will take place during the festival.

#1 Event ground 1

The Sticky Tongues You will hear easy-listening covers and original songs with a unique sound. Music that resonates with the genres of Soul, Blues, Folk and Rock.
THUNK! From '60s soul to' 70s rock, '80s disco,' 90s alternative and '00s R & B, plus everything in between! The only criterion is that they have to be fun numbers or, if the original version isn’t, THUNK! will make them fun!
Short Tandem Repeats Short tandem repeats are short pieces of repetitive DNA in our genome. Repeating, but unique as a whole ... That is exactly what you can expect from the coverband "Short Tandem Repeats". With a mix of famous pop & rock covers they build a unique party. The repertoire consists of popular songs from '60s to now: from King Elvis to Kings of Leon, from ABBA to Adele, from Bowie to Bono and from The Buggles to The Beatles.

#2 Event ground 2

The Able Bodied Seamen New Orleans-style jazz band that has been the home band of K.S.V. St. Franciscus since 1988.
GuteNAbend Enthusiastic party band, able to make every type of crowd dance and sing along to a broad range of pop songs, including Let me entertain you, Proud Mary, Rock around the clock, Sexy als ik dans en Piano man.
Big Daddy's Breakfast Voodoo Raw and uncut stoner blues from the Dutch river lands.

#3 Orion The Spot

MUSIC SASSION Musical performance of selfwritten pop songs.
Inge A singer-songwriter with a passion for American country music. Inge will sing well-known country classics and some of her own songs.
Lynn van Werkhoven Are you in for some relaxed music ? Lynn sings and plays piano. She performs covers, preferably the more unknown ones, as well as her own written songs. This performance includes a mix of pop/jazz/folk. She gets inspired by Amy Winehouse, London Grammar and Lianne La Havas.
Lateesha Lateesha is a singer songwriter who sings and plays piano and she will bring to you her selfwritten personal songs.
Bergolf Get seduced to hop on the boat of Rachel and the other bandmembers, named Bergolf. Bergolf takes you out on a poetic and musical adventure. Using sharp Dutch lyrics and smooth music they find fresh metaphors in life.

#4 Orion Wing

SweetPotato SweetPotato performs classical/traditional, folk and modern Chinsese pieces, with traditional Chinese instrument.
Spring Roll Spring Roll is an acoustic band with bandmembers from Indonesia. They play cover pop song from various artist.
Saxplosief This saxophone ensemble of WUR students and alumni will play several songs in the theme of the festival. WUR's international character and the many fascinating sides of nature will be highlighted.
Ensemble van de Ontzetting The ensemble of De Ontzetting has a very diverse repertoire of different styles of music; from film music to pop-songs to cheesy sing-alongs
Klezmer-orkest Ha'Chalon Klezmer is originally Jewish wedding music with fast rhythms, cheerful melodies and stirring songs interspersed with quiet tunes (niguns) that the sensitive string sounds through.

#5 Orion Terrace

Lovely Stranger A life-long songwriting project turned into a three-piece group that features intimate vocal harmonies, pastoral violin tunes atop technical-yet-comfortable guitar work.
Willie B. & The Blue Sparrow Willie B. & The Blue Sparrow is one of the few acoustic duos that brings country blues in an authentic way. Guiding themselves on guitar and harmonica they follow in the footsteps of great musicians such as Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee.
The musical service A light pop, musical and classical piano and singing duo. All style combinations are possible.
FNOOBL This four-man band brings together the originality of The Beatles with the energy of The Doors. The sweet sounds of the piano and guitar are complemented with the athmospheric qualities of the ukulele and the singing saw, making for an original, melancholic and persuasive stage performance.
Tante ANS en de Bosduvels Tante ANS en de Bosduvels is an acoustic (cover)band. They try to bring their music in a way everyone is amused. They will perform some well-known songs as well as own songs. Pop, ballad, country and rock & roll, they play it all.

#6 Orion Amfitheatre

Overinflated Overinflated is a Dutch coverband with it’s own pop/ska/punk style. The band members, experienced from previous projects, do now what they do best: taking the greatest songs from back then, and add the special dancefloor-inspiring Overinflated-sauce.
StoneEdge StoneEdge is a classic rock, blues and rock 'n roll band.
The Falcons Winners of Rock your WURld! A poprock coverband that will turn any event into one hell of a party!
C'esco e i Musicanti di Brahma Folk-rock band from Italy whose first album was released in May 2017, the second one in 2018

#7 Forum Terrace

Reading from the children’s book Ietje Termietje (in Dutch) In this reading session you follow Ietje Termietje, a young termite of only a few days old, and you learn everything about the special life of termites. Gather around Niels Kerstes, the author, and get lost in the world of Ietje Termietje.
Pierrot et Colombine (in Dutch) Wageningen theater company Pierrot et Colombine plays both Shakespeare and modern farces. At WUR100FEST they will perform a play specially for kids in which they will celebrate 100 years WUR together with their audience. Don’t miss this party!
Papaband 4 dads (sometimes supplemented with a spare dad) want to show small and big children that children's music can be fun and grooving.
Flotsam Metric A show with sounds, lights, speech and most of all catchy tunes and danceable music. An intriguing experience that takes you to the struggles of the past and the opportunities of the future with songs of mostly own material of Wagenings finest international musicians and some covers of history’s greatest.
Diftong A song is the perfect way to present poetry to people. Because Diftong writes in English and makes American style music, he is A Dutch poet in an American dream. It all starts with a feeling, some words surface, a melody follows. It may take ten minutes. It may take a year. Come and listen to these beauties.
Jack Plane Alternative artisan rockband. Jack Plane rocks with a full, layered sound. The melodies of frontman Dennis are reminiscent of Radiohead / Coldplay / Saybia but Jack Plane underpins it all in its own style from rock to ballad. Dynamic, vintage Wurlitzer keys to smashing heavy bass and everything in between. Bouncing of enthusiasm these men will take you on a musical journey!
The Wedding Riot With enthusiasm, The Wedding Riot plays known and lesser known Indie and alternative covers from back in the eighties till present day (think of Pixies, The Cure, Joy Division, The Stooges, Radiohead and more). Doing so, approximating the original sound is put central, as is keeping the show very danceable!
Grassmoawer Klezmer, balkan, punk, rock. Grassmoawer provides an unbridled energy transformation. Everyone is welcome at this party with guitar, bass, drums, violin, clarinet, accordion and brass instruments.

#8 Forum Tree Statue

Mes & Vork This DJ duo is all-round in making a party with music with a beat.
DJ Ryzen This energetic DJ brings you the songs you know and love with a Latin & Caribbean vibe. She gets the party started and keeps you going!
Juny Martina performance Juny Martina is a rapper from Curacao that usually raps in Papiamentu. This is the native language spoken in Curacao. In 2018 he wants to make his debut to the international crowd and the rest of the world by making songs in English. He will be performing with his DJ and producer friends.
Squad 105 This energetic DJ/MC duo feel at home at the stage, which they’ve share with several national top100 DJs. Make sure you’ve done your stretches because they’re known for their high pace sets. Enjoy the combination of tropical and Latin vibes with student friendly songs.
Intense 0317 These party people will offer you a memorable night with the best DJs and hottest music.
George&Willy This Wageningen DJ duo has created a unique style to get you moving; a combination of hard hitting house beats and hit songs. Expect a lot of exclusive mash-ups and bootlegs.
Feest DJ Peet This happy DJ is a 100% guarantee for a big party.

#9 Forum Grand café

Bluefish: environmental documentary LUFER (Bluefish) is a glitter in people’s eyes, big time money for the small & big fisherman. Lufer fishing is an addiction daily routine for the retired, unemployed and off time employer/hobbyists across Bosporus. If you have a chance to travel around Istanbul coastline a day in October, you can count around ten thousand fishing roads, day & night. It means gathering reason for families & friends, for table conversations all around the canal. Lufer means these facts and many more for thousands of years for the people residing around Bosporus waters. But with the advancement of the heavy industry and human population increase since 1950’s the numbers of fish migrating is diminishing year by year. Some inividuals & NGO’s are trying to pictures this fact with public awareness campaigns, advertisements but no one has ever truly documented the Bluefish migration underwater, the fish caught in the nets, fishing lines, underwater footage from Marmara Sea and most importantly; people of Istanbul through the eyes LUFER and Bluefish through the eyes of its inhabitants.
Dieet Anders (in Dutch) Cabaret: Dr Anders, food scientist and artist, brings you his silly songs, quirky poetry and hysterical thoughts on the beautiful and flawed things in life. Ironically and with a whiff of melancholy. Today he’ll bring you: Dieet Anders by Doctor Anders.
Wageningen Comedy Club With their diversity of talents in comedy, Wageningen Comedy Club offers sketches, improvisation, stand-up slapstick and much more.
Docu: The Future Table To support the festivities around WUR's 100th birthday, RUW Foundation facilitated a group of highly motivated and creative students to make a documentary about the future of food. The documentary is called The Future Table, and the team had the challenge of showing Wageningen’ s different visions on how we should design our food system. The makers of the movie will give a short introduction and will be available for answering any questions at the end of the movie.
Masterclass Playback Theatre by het Nederlands Toegepast Theater and Het Inspringtheater You can join or just watch the participants enact ‘real life’ stories. You are free to walk in and out of the room when you want to. Playback Theatre is improvisational theatre based on these real life stories. You will experience how spontaneity can contribute to communication on a deeper level. You can find Playback Theatre all over the planet in order to reflect on dilemma’s and questions, the audience is spectator and participant simultaneously.
3 short documentaries about research of Wageningen University & Research In three short documentaries, researchers and students tell about their work in South Africa, Kenya and the Netherlands. 1) Poachers on the track in Smartparks, South Africa; 2) Reef restoration: Restoration of the reef in Kenya; 3) Seaweed from Ireland: spin off makes a burger with 15% seaweed

#10 Forum Stage

Wagalicious Dancemix consisting of different, homemade choreos in different styles.
Keltisch Dansje Keltisch Dansje will perform traditional Irish dance similar to the Riverdance & Lord of the Dance shows. And afterwards they will learn you to dance like this as well!
ISOW bellydance A bellydance performance by ISOW.
Lectures (for kids) about bugs Lectures (for childeren) by WUR scientists Arnold van Vliet and Marcel Dicke. Arnold van Vliet will learn you all about ticks, wasps and all the other nice things of nature. And Marcel Dicke will tell you everything about the wonderful world of butterflies, cicadas, termites and grasshoppers.

Forum Ground Floor

Energy dance floor By dancing and moving on this energy dance floor you will generate electricity. So dance ‘till you drop at the sounds of the silent disco and join the dance battle.

Forum C222

Lectures in Dutch (for kids) about bugs Lectures (for childeren) by WUR scientists Arnold van Vliet and Marcel Dicke. Arnold van Vliet will learn you all about ticks, wasps and all the other nice things of nature. And Marcel Dicke will tell you everything about the wonderful world of butterflies, cicadas, termites and grasshoppers.

Somewhere on the festival ground

Meet & Greet with the WURwolf Take a picture with the WUR wolf and celebrate 100 years WUR!
ISRIC World Soil Museum Soil is crucial to almost every aspect of life on land and yet so unknown to many. The World Soil Museum on Wageningen Campus highlights the diversity of soils in the world. One can learn in the museum about the role of soils in global themes such as world food production, climate change and water supply. Apart from the realisation that soils are important to society, most visitors of the museum simply find the colourful soils of the world merely a pleasure to look at! Information on panels, screens and audio guides is in English. Pass by and join a tour if you like. There is even the possibility, with sufficient people interested to form a group, to do an soil augering and study the soil together!

Family Square

Coloring of birthday garland Pick a 100 years WUR coloring page and create a garland together!
Discover waterbugs at the pond Discover waterbugs at the Forum pond.
Picture time with Ietje Termietje Take a picture with Ietje Termietje and get a print of it immediately.

Sustainability Square

100 year Wageningen University & Research also means 100 years of valuable knowledge and expertise in the field of sustainability. Therefore we designed a sustainability square on the WUR100FEST where researchers and students show projects in which WUR is involved.

Sustainability exploration bus Discover, experiment, make things yourself and get started with technology. You can discover what sustainability means in the Sustainable Discovery Bus. A bus that runs on green gas. A bus whose electricity is generated by a solar panel. A bus full of sustainable gadgets for curious children from 3 to 16 years.
Verspillingsfabriek (No waste factory) No waste Factory has the knowledge and expertise in the field of food waste and has collected it in one place. No waste factory has an important starting point; food that was previously intended to be reused as human food as human food.
InsectImpact by Enactus Wageningen Enactus Wageningen is part of a worldwide network of Enactus teams from 36 different countries that all work on one goal: to make a better world possible for all of us. Enactus Wageningen was founded in June 2017, and we are in close contact with Wageningen University & Research, Enactus Netherlands and the business community in and around Wageningen. Their strength is in seeing opportunities to solve social, economic and ecological problems through entrepreneurship.
Poop=Gold by NIOO At NIOO, they believe there's no such thing as waste. And they like to put their money where their mouth is. With their Poop = Gold project, for example.
Sustainable Banking
Sustainable fashion: Victor & Rolf tiny house showcase

100 years WUR square

WUR on wheels WUR100Fest is also the start of WUR on wheels. Till 15 October we get on our bikes for a joint, virtual trip around the world. Together with Alumni, Students and Employees we want to cycle 40.000km. Every kilometer counts. And for a good cause: the sponsor donations will go to Wageningen Borlaug Youth Institute. Will you join?
Gifts & Gadgets Especially for the WUR centennial we offer you 100 years WUR gifts & gadgets. Get your 100 years WUR sweater, drinking bottle, book, baby rompers and many more. Right here at #WUR100FEST.
Life after #WUR100FEST The celebrations of 100 years WUR continue until 9 November! The 100 years WUR promoteam at the stand is happy to inform you about all the upcoming events you can join. A selection:
Science week 'System Earth' including (lunch) lectures and excursions, the Conference 'Water Science for Impact' and the symposium 'Earth Futures';
Wisdom & Wonder Movie Talks starts with a movie chosen and introduced by Louise Fresco;
Preview: The Wadden sea: Living on the edge brought by producer and WUR alumnus Ruben Smit;
Campus Safari, kids on adventure in search of the “big five”.
Click here to view the full programme or to register for the 100 years WUR newsletter.