Festivals across the world are getting more sustainable every year, WUR100FEST will not be an exception. With many creative measures we will try to make sure that the festival will only have an impact on its visitors.

While you enjoy your cold drinks and nice foods, we have tried to make sure that the menu and packaging is sustainable. After you enjoyed your meal we will try to make sure that the waste is separated to reduce the environmental impact.

Have you always wanted to know how much energy your moves on the dancefloor produce? Try it out on the energy dance floor that will be placed in Forum and see how hard you have to dance to keep the lights on!

In preparation for the festival we will try to apply many sustainable measures for example on energy supply and sanitation, so that environmental impact will be as low as possible.

Let us know that you will be there

We would like to hear if you are planning to come, so that we have an idea of ​​how many people we can count on. Let us know via the button below.