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Cross pollinations: Art meets Science

As part of 100 years Wageningen University & Research, art and science will meet in a creative encounter. Around a range of Wageningen topics, PhD students will be teaming up with art students from the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Rietveld Academy Amsterdam.

Organised by 100 years WUR

Mon 1 January 2018 until Sat 31 March 2018

Venue Wageningen

Scientists and artists have a lot in common: we experiment, reflect, explore and wonder at the world around us. Fascination and curiosity are the basis of the practice of scientists as well as artists. Having said that, artists can afford to work more intuitively and learn-by-doing, while scientists may (think they) follow more structured ways of working.

The goal of this “cross pollination” project is an exchange of insights between the artist and scientist and to learn from each other’s perspectives. At the end, a work of art, a piece of research or an as of yet unknown type of intervention will be presented by the art student together with the PhD student, informed by and responding to the work and interests of both.

There will be two series of cross pollinations: from February to March 2018 - collaborating with the department Food/Non-Food of the Design Academy Eindhoven, and from January to March 2018 - with the departments of DesignLAB and Jewellery-Linking Bodies of the Rietveld Academy.