Participation: WUR-Council

The Student Council (SC), Student Staff Council (SSC) and Central Works Council (COR) comprise the central participation structure of Wageningen University & Research, the COR and SSC make up the WUR Council. In addition, there are the local works councils. Their purpose is to represent the interests of all students and staff. To make this possible it is important to keep each other closely informed about what is going on.

For most people, the central participation body of Wageningen University & Research is perhaps something far far away, but in the end we all have the same goal: together help everyone develop his or her talent optimally, to improve the quality of life.

Central participation

Wageningen University & Research is a collaboration between Wageningen University (WU) and foundation Wageningen Research (WR). This collaboration is reflected in the central participation structure, which has it legal basis in the Works Councils Act and the Higher Education and Research Act.

In the SC, WU students make decisions about education. The SSC consists of students from the SC and WU employees; together, they decide about education and research. The WU employees, together with WR colleagues, within the COR make decisions about WR and other themes of Wageningen University. In practice, the SSC and COR always meet together in the WUR Council (WUR-C).

Members of the SC are elected by WU students. Two members of the SSC are elected directly by employees of WU. Furthermore, two PhDs are elected to the SSC by all PhD candidates at Wageningen University. The other members of the COR and SSC are representatives chosen from the local works councils.

Local participation

Wageningen University & Research has various divisions, such as the Sciences Groups, which have their own works councils (OR in Dutch). The local ORs consult with their respective management, and make decisions about their division based on the provisions in the Works Councils Act. Members of the local works councils are elected by employees of the respective divisions. If you, as employee, encounter problems you cannot solve in your immediate environment, you can always contact someone from your local works council. The local councils keep in touch with the WUR-C through their representatives, and they also consult with the boards of other local councils and the WUR-C.


Watch the four videos about current subjects of WUR Council: Corporate Social Responsibility, Innovation, Rewarding, Work Pressure.

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