Independence WUR

Independence at Wageningen University & Research

The independence of scientific research is an important principle for universities. Now that universities work more often with government agencies, NGOs and businesses than in the past, it is even more important to guarantee this independence. Wageningen University & Research has a number of regulations and procedures to guarantee the independence of scientific research.

This code of conduct has been drawn up by the The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU). Section 5 of this code addresses the independence of scientific research. The code applies to all research done by Dutch universities. In Wageningen the code applies to research done by both the university and the Wageningen Research institutes.

Section 3.1 of our general terms and conditions contains agreements pertaining to the independence of research (section 3.1).

Professors are obliged to make public the work they do for third parties. The list of the ancillary activities of professors can be found here.

Anyone with a complaint about the independence exercised by researchers at Wageningen University & Research can contact the Scientific Integrity Committee.

The Scientific Integrity Committee consists of:

  • Prof Barend van der Meulen: chair of the Scientific Integrity Committee at Wageningen University, professor of Evidence for Science Policy at Leiden University and head of research at the Rathenau Institute.
  • Prof Herman Eijsackers: emeritus professor by special appointment at VU University Amsterdam and former scientific advisor at Wageningen University & Research.
  • Prof Akke van der Zijpp: emeritus professor of Animal Production Systems at Wageningen University & Research.
  • Prof Tiny van Boekel: professor (by special appointment) of Dairy Science and Technology

Complaints will be assessed on the basis of the Scientific integrity complaints procedure.

In addition to the regulations and procedures that apply to research done by Wageningen University and Research, in the framework of the independence of their scientific research, universities must also account for the nature and extent of their financial sources. The structure of our income sources is shown.