New WUR Strategic Plan 2019-2022

New WUR Strategic Plan 2019-2022

What kind of organisation do we want to be in the years to come? Which developments should we take into account, what changes should we make, which steps should we be taking? In 2018 we will focus on developing a new Strategic Plan for the 2019-2022 period and plot a sound course for the future.

The approach

A new Strategic Plan does not mean that everything has to change. While there are certainly some challenges we will face, many things are going well and we have faith that our organisation is capable of responding to future changes. There are, however, some strategic questions we have to ask ourselves in 2018. In order to do so, we have to plot our course now.

Reference document: 'Our common ground'

The reference document 'Our common ground' describes the fundamental issues that we (the Executive Board and the Board of Directors) agree on and which we believe can be implemented on an organisation-wide level. This document forms the basis of the strategy process and the starting point for ten strategic questions that will be answered over the coming months.

Ten strategic questions

A focus group has been developed per key question. Each group is responsible for collecting ideas and information on an organisational level and formulating benchmark answers (download below). Each focus group includes two leaders and two support officers. The groups will submit their final products on 1 June 2018.


The Executive Board expressly requested the focus groups to involve students and staff in this process. This involvement will take various forms, but do feel free to approach a leader or another focus group member yourself. An overview of the leaders and support officers the ten focus groups can be found in the 'Downloads' section on the right. The supervisory group led by Executive Board member Rens Buchwaldt will monitor and shape the strategy process. The process work group led by Karin Horsman will support the process.

Questions and ideas

Questions and ideas can be posted into the WUR New Strategic Plan Intranet group (for employees) or sent by email to You can also respond to 'Our common ground', as there are sure to be issues that not everyone agrees on. If you believe there are fundamental questions that have not yet been addressed, please feel free to contact us.