Strategic plan 2011 - 2014

In the coming decades, the world’s population will grow from seven billion people today to eight billion in 2025 and nine billion in 2050

The demand for food will double as wealth increases. Dietary needs will also change to include more animal protein. The key question for the future is how this new demand for food can be met in a responsible manner.

With the extra people and all their activities there is also extra need to use all available space and further pressure is put on nature, climate and the environment. This is a huge challenge. One that can only be met with the help of breakthroughs in science and technology. As a research institute, Wageningen UR takes a leading role which it plans to expand. This is achieved by collaborating with governmental organisations, commercial businesses (the 'golden triangle'), research institutions and universities both at home and abroad.

Strategic choices

The rapid developments in our environment force us to make difficult choices within the areas of expertise in which we invest. For the period 2011–2014, the next social queries we will be focussing on are:

We also invest further in the following scientific themes (emerging science):