A blog is an online platform where you can tell stories, share knowledge, give your opinion, share your expertise and invite visitors to reflect. It contains a collection of regularly published articles in chronological order. Different from a traditional web page, a blog usually offer readers an opportunity to respond to articles that have been posted. This means there is interaction between the blogger and blog readers.

Why blogging

A blog is a good way to position yourself as an expert in your field. What's in it for you?

  • A way of interacting with your audience;
  • An opportunity to showcase the depth of your expertise;
  • Blogging helps you to be found on seach engines such as Google;
  • An increase in the visibility of your other content and online profile.

Wageningen University & Research blog template

Wageningen University & Research has developed a blog template within WordPress.This template is available for WUR organisational units and employees who want to blog about topics related to their work at Wageningen University & Research.

To increase the recognition of official Wageningen University & Research blogs, the visual style used is in line with the design of the Wageningen University & Research website. The WUR blog template is search engine optimised and contains standard important plug-ins like Google Analytics, a contact form, social media and SEO. The blog is therefore readily available, so you can immediately start blogging. We hope and expect that this will enable more employees and organisational units to discover and use the possibilities of blogging.

Guidelines for the use of Wageningen University & Research blog

The guidelines that Wageningen University & Research has developed for blogging apply to blogs that have been created within the Wageningen University & Research blog template.

These guidelines therefore do not apply to blogs that are managed by employees on another blog platform.

Request Wageningen University & Research blog

Complete the form below to request a blog on the Wageningen University & Research blog platform. Our aim is to keep an overview of the blogs of Wageningen University & Research and to give advice on the structure of the blog. After the application has been submitted, the blog will be created by Online Support.

Applying for an account does not apply to blogs that are managed by employees on another blog platform.

Note: There may be up to one week's time between your application and the publishing of the blog.

Manuals & video tutorials

For the Wageningen University & Research blog, manuals and video tutorials have been made that explain how you can set up the blog and the articles.