Wageningen Ambassadors

The Wageningen Ambassadors are prominent alumni who hold a key position in government or industry and who are very fond of Wageningen. They use their networks and financial resources to build bridges between Wageningen and society.

The Wageningen Ambassadors have been doing their bit since 2003, either as individuals giving guest lectures, as speakers or participants at lectures and workshops or as members of advisory bodies, juries or sounding board groups. The Ambassadors have also contributed to numerous projects, either financially or by donating their time and sharing their networks.

What have the Wageningen Ambassadors achieved until now?

  • Sponsoring and supplying speakers for De Wereld Lezingen.
  • Lobbying for and participating in EFAS in Rome.
  • Advisory groups for student recruitment, Wageningen Business Generator, Wageningen University & Research corporate identity, Strategic Plan.
  • Working group for the world food issue chair, resulting in the appointment of Hans Eenhoorn as Associate Professor of Food security and Entrepreneurship.
  • Sponsoring school food programme SIGN in Ghana.
  • Funding for alumni portraits for student recruitment.
  • Advice and commitment to the Food for Thought campaign.

The Wageningen Ambassadors were first installed in 2003 by alumnus and chairman George Lubbe. They maintain personal contact with the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research and meet regularly in Hotel de Wereld in Wageningen.

If you would like to know more about the work of the Ambassadors, please contact Delia de Vreeze.