World Wide Wageningen

On June 23rd, an unforgettable international alumni day will take place. ‘Sustainable Food & Nutrition’ is the central topic. This will not only take place in Wageningen but simultaneously with our alumni abroad. Goal: to organise 100 meetings in 100 countries.

Organised by 100 years WUR

Sat 23 June 2018

Venue Wageningen Campus

The theme Sustainable Food & Nutrition is twofold: first, healthy and safe food is essential for everyone and second, food also connects people. During this event alumni will be connected with each other all over the world. As mentioned above this event does not only take place in Wageningen but in at least 100 countries in the world simultaneously. Through a livestream, we broadcast this day and hope to make the theme visible in content and in a dinner in 100 places in the world.

More information, including times, locations and subscription, will be announced shortly.

Did you know that 100 UniversiTrees will be planted worldwide and that you can support alumni to contribute to 100 years WUR? Help to accomplish this.