WUR Connect

WUR Connec is the Wageningen online alumni platform to STAY CONNECTED, for all alumni, students and employees of Wageningen University & Research. Join your country group, find an internship or offer a thesis project. Share your photos and stories and create new ones with your old classmates or your new boss.

RECONNECT, find your study friends, check what they’re up to and stay in touch.

Give something back, HELP fellow ‘Wageningers’ get in touch with the right people, share knowledge, or find a great internship, mentorship or a new job.

Expand your NETWORK, your network is bigger than you think. Find out who is working where in the national and international world of the Wageningen domain.

Discover CAREER opportunities, discover opportunities to move forward in your own career. Contribute to new projects, find the best jobs in the sector.Find out all the benefits of WUR Connect!

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Introduction movie WUR Connect

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