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The Mansholt Business Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship to the value of €25,000 is reserved for successful entrepreneurs who manage their companies with enthusiasm and sustainability. The guidelines for corporate social responsibility established by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) form the basis of this award. These guidelines focus on such issues as chain responsibility, human rights, child labour, and the environment.

Nomination period is extended till:
August 22nd, 2018

You are invited to nominate yourself or someone else for the M-BASE Award 2018. During the Mansholt-lecture on Wednesday September 19th, 2018 in Brussels, the winner will be announced. All nominees are welcome to join the lecture but registration is required.


Maaike Groot M.A., manager public affairs East-West Seed Company, daughter of Simon Groot, winner of the M-BASE 2015 Nettie Buitelaar, Chief Business Officer BiosanaPharma, WUR-alumna 1979

ir. Peter de Jaeger, free-lance journalist and winner of the Press Award 2006, WUR-alumnus 1975

ir. Jan Karel Mak, CEO Deerns Groep BV and president of University Fund Wageningen, WUR-alumnus 1975

drs. Sebastiaan Berendse CEMS MIM, Director Value Creation WUR

Definition 'Sustainable entrepreneurship'

Entrepreneurship focus on economic performance (Profit), with respect to the social side (People), within the ecological constraints (Planet): the triple-P approach (in accordance with OESO guidelines Corporate Social Responsibility).

Winner Mansholt Business Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2015

Mansholt Business Award for Simon Groot of East-West Seed

The University Fund Wageningen has awarded the Mansholt Business Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (M-BASE) 2015 to Simon Groot of East-West Seed. Under his leadership the company has developed a market for vegetable seeds in South East Asia with the result that small local farmers can now produce and earn more. Groot stimulates knowledge sharing, and the company regularly collaborates with researchers in Wageningen. The prize was presented on Monday 7 September 2015 during the opening of the Wageningen University & Research academic year.

Press releases:


Winner 2012

Jan Hadders

The committee of the Wageningen University Fund has granted the Mansholt-Business Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship to Jan Hadders of Dacom.

The goal of the award is to illustrate how Wageningen University & Research alumni and entrepreneurs directly related to the university actively contribute to sustainable entrepreneurship that has a large societal and possibly international impact. The award is extended to those successful entrepreneurs who manage their company in an enthusiastic and sustainable manner.

Jan Hadders (on the right) received  €25.000, a bronze sculpture of the ‘Wageningen Tree’ by Sjoerd Buisman and a degree.

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