Teacher of the Year Award

Ever since 1981 high quality education on the university is stimulated by rewarding the teachers most concerned with their students and their way of teaching. Every year, University Fund Wageningen organizes the Teacher of the Year Award. Students can vote for their favourite teachers, after which our student jury hands out the price. The winning teacher and the nominees receive money they can spent on new education goals.

Student jury 2019

- Suzanne Ruijten (chair), MSc Biotechnology
- Sybren Zondervan, MSc Food Technology
- Anouk Schans, BSc Biotechnology
- Toshihiro Takada, MSc Environmental Sciences
- Kim Otto, BSc Food Technology
- Anusha Sanjeev Mehta, MSc International Land & Water Management
- Anne Zender, MSc Food Quality Management
- Harriette Coopmans, BSc International Development Studies

Longlist Teacher of the Year 2019

The longlist of the Teacher of Year election 2019 is not yet available. At the moment the 200 best teachers are selected, based on their course evaluation of the year 2017 - 2018. Those evaluations will be corrected for the number of students per teacher.

Keep an eye on your e-mail, at the beginning of January 2019 you can vote for your favorite teachers during the nomination period.

Shortlist Teacher of the Year 2019

The teachers nominated for the longlist will be interviewed by the student jury (apply now for this unique opportunity!) in order to select the best teachers of 2019. The five teachers with the best teaching skills will be chosen for the Shortlist. And one of those will become the Teacher of the Year 2019!

Winner 2018

Dr. ir. Henry van den Brand is the winner of the Teacher of the Year Award 2018. The student jury, which attended a lecture by Van den Brand, sees that he likes to share the enthusiasm he has for his profession with his students. He does not merely teach, he tells stories by linking his own experiences as a farmer to the relevance for his profession. To illustrate his stories Van den Brand uses old fashioned chalkboard and chalk. 'I am stunned,' was the emotional reaction of the teacher.

Henry is associate professor at the chairgroup Adaptation Physiology, where he started in 2001 without any experience in teaching. According the jury Henry is an enthusiastic and involved teacher. He does not just gives lectures, he tells stories. During his lectures, the room is full of interested students.

The winner of the Teacher of the Year Award was announced during the opening of the Month of Education on Tuesday 24 April 2018. Unfortunately, Henry wasn’t able to attend the ceremony. His colleague Bas Kemp was there to receive the Award. Two days after the ceremony, when Henry was back in Wageningen, the jury visited him to personally congratulate him.

Click here for the article of the Resource.

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Judicium van Henry van den Brand

Former Teacher of the Year Award winners

Teacher of the Year 2018
Henry van den Brand (Adaptation Physiology)

Teacher of the Year 2017
Jessica Duncan (Rural Sociology)

Teacher of the Year 2016
Roel Dijksma (Hydrology and Water Quality)

Teacher of the Year 2015
Noëlle Aarts (Strategic Communications)

Teacher of the Year 2014
Huub Savelkoul (Immunology and cellular biology)

Teacher of the Year 2013
Dolf Weijers (Biochemistry)

Teacher of the Year 2012
Frits Claassen (Operations Research and Logistics)

Teacher of the Year 2011
Gert Peek (Soil geograpy and landscape)

Teacher of the Year 2010
André van Lammeren (Plant Cell Biology)

Teacher "hors classe" 2010
Huub Savelkoul

Teacher of the Year 2009
Jan den Ouden (Forest ecology and Forest conservation)

Teacher of the Year 2008
Dane Bicanic (Laboratory for Biofysics)

Teacher of the Year 2007
Arie Terlouw (Experimental Zoology)

Teacher of the Year 2006
Theo Hendriks (Operationele Research en Logistiek)

Teacher of the Year 2005
Reint Jan Renes (Communication sciences)

Teacher of the Year 2004
Gosse Schraa (Microbiology)

Teacher of the Year 2000
Dr.ir. R. Miedema
Dr. W.G. Braakhekke
Ing. G.J.W.C. Peek

Education prize 1996
Dr.ir. A.W.S.M. van Egeraat

Education prize 1993
Dr.ir. P.M. Driessen
Drs. L.M. Breedveld (honorable mention)

Education prize 1991
Ing. T.H. Klein Essink
Ir. P.J. Linde

Education prize 1987
Drs. F. Dietz
Drs. W.J.M. Heijman
Drs. E.C. van Ierland
Dr. J.J. Krabbe
Ir. E.P. Kroese
Drs. E.A. Oskamp
Ir. M. Vervoorn (honorable mention)

Education prize 1984
Prof.dr. C.M. Karssen
Ir. E.P. Kroese (honorable mention)
Ir. R.P.M. Schout (honorable mention)

Education prize 1981
I. P. Koorevaar
Dr. J.A.M. Mattheij

The award

In 1981 University Fund Wageningen (at that time the Landbouwhogeschoolfonds) began presenting the Education Award once every four years, in addition to the Research Award, the Entrepreneurs Award and the Press Award. In 1996 the Education Award was replaced by the Teacher of the Year Award to emphasise the important role of instructors in education. This award was presened in 1996 and 2000.

In 2003 the Executive Committee of the Foundation decided to publicly honour one instructor every year with the aim of focusing attention on the importance of good education and to reward instructors who, especially in the opinion of their students, have excelled as a teacher. Students therefore play an important role in deciding the winner of the Teacher of the Year Award. the Award consists of a replica of the statue 'De Leermeester' by Jan Praet (the original is located in front of the Leeuwenborch), a certificate of appreciation and the jury report. Also all nominees on the shortlist receive a cash prize of € 2500.

This new award was presented first in 2004. Every year from then on, six to eight students join effors as members of the Teacher of the Year jury. With the support of University Fund they promote the eclections, in which all students in their second year and up can vote for a maximum of three of the 250 by course evaluations selected teachers. Next the jury has an in-depth interview with all the chosen teachers about different aspects of educating. From that a shortlist of nominees is made and a provisional winner is presented to the Executive Committee of the Foundation. Based on the nomination by the jury and in name of the Executive Committee of the Foundation, the winner of the Teacher of the Year Award is announced at the beginning of each calendar year.