Support talent development of students

University Fund Wageningen has stopped subsidizing international student activities. The main goal of these subsidies was supporting international activities of students in both the Netherlands and abroad. The aim was to encourage students to work together and to promote networking between Dutch and foreign students. Since the establishment of the subsidies for international student activities, the university has become more international. Therefore we feel that we can make a bigger contribution to talent development of students by supporting other activities.

New direction

University Fund Wageningen has decided to support the Student Challenges of the university and the UFW Business Skills Programme. Through these projects we ensure that we can continue to offer relevant support for the students and the university.

Student Challenges have recently been added to the education system because they offer new opportunities for learning and personal development outside the regular curriculum.

UFW started the Business Skills Programme (BSP) in 2016 as a pilot. The BSP is a series of workshops aimed at giving student boards of various Wageningen student associations more insight into subjects that are underexposed in their study. However, these so-called soft skills are relevant during a board year and for a successful career.

Your gift enables the University Fund Wageningen to contribute to developing talents of students.