Contribute to research in vector borne diseases through the De Vos Vector Borne Diseases Fund

The aim of the ‘de Vos Vector Borne Diseases Fund’ is to gain knowledge about vector borne diseases by doing research at Wageningen University.

The impact of your gift

Your donation makes it possible for the fund to give a financial support to scientific research and education in challenging vector borne diseases. Vectors are a diverse range of mammals and insects. This financial support is important because there is not enough knowledge yet about this subject. Besides the financial support for research in vector borne diseases, your donation could be used by the University Fund Wageningen so support research which gains a contribution to the quality of life.


The first grant has been granted to a PhD student who will conduct research in Panama on ticks and the diseases they transfer.


  • Dhr. C.M. (Clemens) de Vos

  • Prof. dr. ir. M.C.M. (Mart) de Jong - Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology, Wageningen University

  • Dr. C.J.M. (Sander) Koenraadt - Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University

  • Dr. W.F. (Fred) de Boer - Resource Ecology Group, Wageningen University