How to donate?

Care about the quality of life and become a permanent donator of the Wageningen University Fund, or support a charity only once. Your gift will be extended in full to the charity of your choice. Different options are also available for larger gifts like a periodic deed or an inheritance.

The Wageningen University Fund is a charitable organisation and has been denoted as an ‘institution for general benefit’ (ANBI status) in the Netherlands. The WUF manages the financial transactions of its funds in a well-structured manner. Please refer any questions concerning charity regulations and deductions to the contact person of your specific fund to see how you may benefit as a donator. 

Manual bank transfer

If you would like to donate to the Wageningen University Fund, the Anne van den Ban Fund or one of the other funds, please make a manual bank transfer to the following bank account numbers:

Wageningen University Fund (ABN AMRO)
IBANcode: NL57ABNA0539314005


Anne van den Ban Fund (ABN AMRO)
IBANcode: NL62ABNA0447524658

Other funds

Please mention the name of the fund you wish to donate to on your bank transaction (ABN AMRO)
IBANcode: NL85ABNA0447583123

Online credit card donation

If you would like to donate by credit card to the Wageningen University Fund please go to this online giving page.

If you would like to donate to the Anne van den Ban Fund please visit this online giving page.

Direct debit mandate

You can mandate the Foundation to make a direct debit for a one-time donation, a monthly donation or a yearly donation.

Please contact Arianne van Ballegooij for more information.

Annuity gift

It can be especially interesting in fiscal terms if you support the foundation for a longer period.

By means of power of attorney, you donate a fixed amount for five or more sequential calendar years. This agreement is recorded in a notarial deed: the deed of gift; To prepare the deed of gift, civil law notaries Smit and Moormann in Wageningen offer their services for free; the gift is entirely tax-deductible.

This form of donation is financially the most advantageous for the donor. If you donate using a deed of gift, you can save money or give additional money to the Wageningen University Foundation. Read more about this in the calculation example.

Please contact Arianne van Ballegooij for more information.

Named Fund

This gives you the possibility to assign a specific designation to your donation, as long as it is compatible with the aims of the Foundation. The fund and the legacy are managed in accordance with the provisions of the donor/testator.

Please contact Monique Montenarie for more information.


With a legacy, you can make a large, one-time donation. At the civil law notary, you record that you want to assign a legacy to the Wageningen University Foundation. You can also name the Foundation as heir or co-heir.

Please contact Monique Montenarie so she can make a suitable proposal for you without obligation.

Payments from the USA

If you are making a donation from the USA, you can benefit from a 'tax refund'. You can choose one of the following intermediaries for your donation:

  • The King Baudouin Foundation (KBFUS) in New York.
  • The commission charged will be no more than 4%. The minimum amount per gift is USD 5000.00.
  • Address: Rockefeller Plaza, 16th floor, New York, NY 10020, tel. 212 713 7660. Read more.
  • Charities Aid Foundation America. This intermediary charges 8% commission, but they accept gifts in smaller amounts. Read more