About University Fund Wageningen

Since 1951, University Fund Wageningen (UFW) contributes to activities that make a difference for the students and for Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

Since 1951, University Fund Wageningen (UFW) contributes to activities that make a difference for the students and for Wageningen University & Research (WUR). UFW connects people, ideas and funds to contribute to the prosperity of the university. That is why the fund invests in the strengthening of the contacts between WUR and her alumni, businesses and relevant social organisations.

UFW contributes to the rewarding and stimulation of excellent education and research in Wageningen, is committed to the scientific and cultural heritage of the university and passes down knowledge through well-attended events. Furthermore, UFW sponsors the development of students and facilitates scholarships for international students.

Do you feel affinity with Wageningen and do you want to contribute to the mission of UFW?
The board of UFW invites companies, alumni, employees, students, professors and other people concerned to financially support one of her funds. Do you have questions or suggestions or do you want to contribute to our mission, as friend or alumnus? We would love to discuss the possibilities.

      Results achieved in 2019

      As always, we worked hard this year to facilitate unique research projects, grant scholarships and awards to promising talents, and maintain life-long connections with more than 55,000 alumni from Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

      In the Annual Report 2019 we share stories that demonstrate our results and let the people who benefit most from our efforts and the support of our donors speak for themselves. In this framework, Anne van den Ban Fund student Alex Ogelo shares his dream of becoming a meteorologist in his home country of Kenya, alumna Annemarie van Zaayen explains why she has included the University Fund in her will, and various alumni tell us why they like to give back to their alma mater. Moreover, our figures illustrate how much effect we have actually had, the award pages feature all winners from the past year, and our student section underlines how we supported students to prepare for their careers.

      Not all of our results are presented clearly in words, which is why the infographics below are also included in the annual report.

      Infographic I
      Infographic I

      The world map shows our commitment to international alumni community. In China, the first two regional Alumni Chapters were launched in Wuhan and Nanjing in late 2019, in the presence of Rector Magnificus Arthur Mol. The intention is to expand this in the coming years with other regional Sub Chapters in China. Also, the cooperation in the 4TU federation in the Dutch Engineers Alumni Network (DEAN) continued and expanded for countries relevant to WUR.

      In addition to international activities, we organized meetings for WUR alumni in the Netherlands. Besides 10 regional meetings, the first Alumni Open Day took place on 5 October, during the Dutch Weekend of Science, with more than 350 participants. The Alumni Open Day will be organized annually on the Saturday afternoon of the Weekend of Science.

      Infographic II
      Infographic II

      In 2019, we paid extra attention to attracting donors, which led to an increase in both the total number of donors and the number of regular donors. Extra attention was also paid to bequests, which has been translated into a number of pledges and concrete legacies that can be used for research and student grants.
      We also worked hard on preparations and composition of the Fundamental Change campaign. A beautiful website is developed for this campaign on which we outline a range of projects to which philanthropic partners can contribute. The first donations for projects from the campaign were raised for the REEFolution and Artic Marine Litter projects. REEFolution uses knowledge developed in Wageningen to repair damaged coral reefs off the coast of East Africa and thus restore their ecological value as well as the economic value for the local population. In the Artic Marine Litter project, Wageningen researchers are trying to reduce marine plastic pollution in the Arctic by tracing the sources of pollution and identifying causes and solutions by engaging local stakeholders and experts.

      On several occasions we acted as a mediator, for instance our involvement in acquiring a financial contribution by the DOEN Foundation for the appointment of artist in residence Arne Hendriks within the protein transition program, a substantial contribution from a foreign foundation for research into new protein sources and the nomination of WUR Personal Chair Professor in soil biology Gerlinde de Deyn for the GroundBreaker Award from the FoodShot Global platform (USD 250,000), which she was presented with.

      Mission, vision and strategy 2019-2022

      Both the mission and the vision of UFW were still up to date in 2019 and serve as the basis of the new strategy. However, UFW's strategy itself needs to be updated because of developments in the areas of alumni policy, the changing world of philanthropy in which philanthropists increasingly want to be actively involved in the goal they support and the fact that WUR is more visible as an organisation that operates and invests in, among other things, value creation.

      Reaching, mobilising and (in the long term/permanently) connecting (engaging, retaining) parties involved in the domain of WUR: healthy nutrition and environment. This mission of UFW is closely linked to the domain in which WUR and many of its alumni operate. As such, UFW contributes to the quality of this domain for society and as a stategic investment in retaining support for and creating a breeding ground for a flourishing WUR. UFW can contribute to developments in the area of new ways of teaching.

      The vision of UFW describes the level of ambition for the institution for the years ahead. From its independent and autonomous position, UFW contributes to a transfer of knowledge, talent, time and means to strengthen the social role of WUR and its alumni. It does so university-wide (One Wageningen: university and research institutes) for all scientific disciplines. For the alumni and donors, UFW is important as an autonomous point of contact, recognisable and connected to WUR.

      Read the full Strategy document 2019-2020 with the new developments and spearheads for the years ahead.

      Annual report

      Click here for the Annual Report UFW 2019.

      For the prior versions of the annual reports and financial statements, please refer to our Dutch website.

      Year plan 2020

      The following objectives will be the primary focus in 2020:

      1) Increasing income from fundraising (both national and international)
      2) Securing philanthropic, long-term, strategic partners
      3) An international alumni policy and converting the general alumni policy into a policy focused on target-groups
      4) Further professionalising internal systems and processes for fundraising and relationship management

      In 2019, UFW started to put its focus on enabling impactful research at WUR for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations: concrete objectives for 2030 that can only be achieved through collaboration. This collaboration is carried out with governmental bodies, businesses, NGOs, and other research institutions. Philanthropic partners are also increasingly interested in using their knowledge, influence and ability to contribute to solutions for the major issues of our time. UFW facilitates cooperation with philanthropic parties, focusing in particular on international partners and establishing relevant long-term relationships. In 2020, UFW will continue this course set in the previous year. In addition, fundraising among alumni and other private individuals who want to contribute to research and education in Wageningen remains important, and UFW endeavours to involve alumni and other interested parties in the work of WUR. In addition, Named Funds, crowdfunding and bequests will receive special attention.

      Internal cooperation and synergy with WUR in the field of philanthropic fundraising and relationship management can be strengthened by promoting the internal sharing of knowledge and mutual coordination. In 2020, UFW will act on these opportunities by further advancing connections with the departments Corporate Value Creation and Corporate Strategic Accounts, maintaining contacts with WUR liaison offices and positioning UFW on various WUR communication channels. In this way, UFW becomes more visible as a knowledge centre within WUR in the field of philanthropic fundraising and can offer internal parties broader support when entering into partnerships with philanthropic partners or with submitting proposals to funds and foundations. Equally, UFW can show interested funds the way within WUR and guide them in finding suitable research programmes or projects.

      In its relationship with alumni, UFW aims to work towards a more target group-oriented working method in which the needs and wishes associated with specific life phases of alumni are better addressed. The first target group looked at consists of young alumni up to 10 years after graduation. In order to actively involve this target group and to make them enthusiastic about the activities of WUR, the so-called customer journey method is used to look at their wishes and needs. The results will be delivered at the beginning of 2020, after which the findings and advice for follow-up processes will be incorporated into the 2020/2021 alumni policy. With an increasing number of international alumni chapters and a growing number of international alumni, international alumni policy will also be a priority area this year. Optimisation of existing chapters and expansion with 1-2 chapters in relevant countries are part of this. With an active alumni community, UFW can support WUR with various strategic objectives, such as career services, international account management and the visibility of the Wageningen knowledge fields in society.

      Finally, further professionalisation of internal processes and systems in the field of relationship management, fundraising and fund management will be continued in 2020 in order to comply with several domestic philanthropic quality marks, such as FIN and CBF.


      The board of University Fund Wageningen (UFW), legally a continuation of Wageningen University Fund (WUF), consists of:

      Ir. Jan Karel Mak, chairman University Fund Wageningen
      Ir. Jan Karel Mak, chairman University Fund Wageningen

      Prof.dr.ir. Louise O. Fresco, qq Executive Board Wageningen University & Research;
      Prof.dr.ir. Louise O. Fresco, qq Executive Board Wageningen University & Research;

      Prof.dr.ir. Wouter Hendriks, qq Dean of Sciences, Wageningen University & Research
      Prof.dr.ir. Wouter Hendriks, qq Dean of Sciences, Wageningen University & Research

      Ir. Jules van Berlo, treasurer
      Ir. Jules van Berlo, treasurer

      Dr. ir. Han Swinkels, qq KLV Wageningen Alumni Network
      Dr. ir. Han Swinkels, qq KLV Wageningen Alumni Network

      Ir. Ronald van der Giessen, Wageningen Ambassadors
      Ir. Ronald van der Giessen, Wageningen Ambassadors

      Bank data and charitable status

      IBAN: NL57ABNA0539314005
      BIC: ABNANL2a
      in the name of University Fund Wageningen

      Chamber of Commerce: 41047850
      Fiscal/ANBI number:

      University Fund Wageningen is a registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI). Gifts to the fund are often tax-deductible, including gifts from abroad. Please check the fiscal laws of your country of residence for details on the tax deductibility of your gift. Donors based in the USA can give in a tax-efficient way through the American friends of Wageningen University at the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS). For larger gifts, such as a periodic donation or an inheritance with a minimum of €50,000, several options are possible, including the establishment of a Named Fund. Donations to UFW allow for a contribution to, for example, scholarships, research projects or cultural & academic heritage.

      Do you need advice on your donation or would you like to know more? Please contact arianne.vanballegooij@wur.nl.


      UFW believes it is important to maintain the relationship with its highly valued alumni. That is why the alumni office within UFW organizes various substantive (network) activities for Wageningen graduates.