Subsidy international student activities is coming to an end!

The main goal of this subsidy used to be encouraging the international activities of students in both the Netherlands and abroad. The aim was to encourage students to work together and to promote networking between Dutch and foreign students.

Subsidy international student activities is coming to an end

As from March the 15th 2019, the committee will no longer accept applications because the subsidy for student activities with an international character is coming to an end. University Fund Wageningen wants to focus more on the development of the student with the current Student Challenges and the current Business Skills Programme.

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Student committee

The student committee consisting of seven students judges the applications quarterly. They advise the board on which activities are eligible for a subsidy.

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Wilco Muller

My name is Wilco Muller, I’m 23 years old and first year student at the master of Management, Economics and Consumer Studies. During my study at Wageningen University & Research, I have gradually learned that there is more to studying than just lectures. Extracurricular activities are of importance to develop yourself and to gain practical experience alongside the theoretical knowledge the study provides. How to shape that is very personal and for me, it meant that, next to sporting and being member of a student association, I chose to do a board year. That is why I did a fulltime board year of the student council VeSte last year.

Through that, I got in touch with the daily practices within the university and got some insight into how the university works. During that year, I have learned and experienced a lot.

Now that, after my board year, I got the chance to help other students develop themselves outside of their studies, I took the chance willingly. As coordinator of the subsidy I am the first in communicating with the students and receive the (personal) applications. That makes my role special and very versatile. I hope to get much joy out of the funds that the UFW offers the students. In case you would like to apply for funding from UFW, I hope to receive your application and we will talk soon!

Sanne Verberk

Hi everyone! I’m Sanne and I am master student in Nutrition and Health. It’s already my fifth year in Wageningen (how time flies) and I get more and more convinced that there is much more to learn than what the university offers in lectures. Of course it is important to attend the lectures and get good grades, but there will be time enough left for other fun and educational things. Personally, I have chosen to take on a few committees at my study- and student associations, next to practicing volleyball three times a week at the student volleyball association. At my study association, I have, among others, helped organise a trip to Copenhagen. That went so well, that I would recommend it to everyone.

I have been working as a committee member for this fund for over a year now and have got to see many interesting applications: study trips, symposia, poster presentations and even a film night with invited speakers. Is it your dream to organise such an international activity, don’t hesitate and put it in motion. I know almost for certain that it will be worth it! We would love to receive your application.

Brecht Leseman

Hi! My name is Brecht Leseman and I am a fifth year student Landscape Architecture in Wageningen. During the past years I have learned that being a student is about much more than lectures and books. Of course there is the party at its time, but I actually mean the things that help you improve yourself more than your prescribed study programme will ever do. The availability of activities is enormous and it really shows how divers, active, involved, driven and internationally oriented the students in Wageningen are.

Being part of that active circuit is what makes studying here so great to me! Through the subsidy, I get the chance to contribute in a different way and I like that a lot. Apart from that, I expect to be inspired by other study areas than my own and to meet new people.

Rosanne Erasmus

I am Rosanne Erasmus, 22 years old. I am a fourth years student in the master Management, Economics & Consumer studies. I really enjoy being in Wageningen! Next to a great study, I have an active study association and am a member of a lovely student association where I love to spend time. During 2015, I was secretary of the sports committee. The past year, I was secretary of the yearbook committee. Together with four other students, I have made the yearbook of our association in four months fulltime work. There are so many opportunities at and around our university and so many great things to do alongside your study! When I heard about the subsidy of the UFW, I immediately was curious and enthusiastic.

I think it is very interesting to know what other people do next to their studies and what the many opportunities are. Through the UFW, study associations or students can have (international) activities, make new contacts and evolve even more. Together with the other committee members, I look forward to bringing the University Fund Wageningen more to attention. I will review the many (!) applications with great pleasure.

Daan Lamers

Hi everyone!

I am Daan Lamers and I am one of the few happy guys who study Nutrition and Health. I am currently in my third year and still like it a lot. Next to my study, I am in one of the student associations here in Wageningen. I have met many people there, many of whom I talk to every day. After my lectures I often exercise with them, make music or go for drinks. Apart from having fun, I think it is important to do extra activities outside my study. When I was asked to join a meeting of this board, I was immediately interested. And now I am in the committee for two years already.

I think it is very interesting to see what students of Wageningen University & Research organise. The UFW can help them realise their creative ideas. I like to see what kind of events can get subsidies and what kinds of original events are being organised. From symposia to far study trips, to poster presentations at congresses. I think it is important to stimulate these activities. It is great publicity for the university and teaches students to organise events (at large scale). That will help them later on in their career. I hope UFW can help you sometime too, to organise study related events and make your creative ideas come true.

Bernice Wesselink

Hi! My name is Bernice and I am a third years student Nutrition and Health. Next to my study, I think exercising is very important and I am an active member of the debating association. At the moment I also attend lectures about current issues quite often. Apart from that, I am member of a study association that organises activities rather often, like excursions to potential employers. I’ve recently begun working for the university and that is how I ended up at this committee. With a group of students we evaluate applications for subsidies for many activities being organised inside and outside of Wageningen. There is still so much to learn that is not taught in the lectures.

Luckily, most students realise that and that often leads to subsidy applications for study trips, symposia and other nice initiatives. We evaluate these by meeting up every few months and testing the activity to the rules the university set up. In the meantime we keep in touch through email. Unfortunately, many students do not yet know the funds of UFW yet. That is why it is important for us to put the fund in the picture. I hope that ever more students will see what opportunities the university offers to get a broad personal development and that they will use the financial aid they can get.

Brenda Bakker

Hi! I am Brenda and I have started my master in Animal Sciences last summer. I took my bachelor ath the University of Antwerp. So far I am really enjoying life in Wageningen. In a short time, I have already met many new people from different study backgrounds. I think it is important that, as a student, you get to develop yourself in other areas as well. UFW offers students and study associations the chance to undertake (international) activities, that are outside the normal subsidy rules. When I heard the board was looking for new members, I was immediately very enthusiastic. It is very interesting to see what students organise alongside their studies. I look forward to evaluating all the applications!