Prize money Teacher of the Year Award donated to the Anne van den Ban Fund

Published on
October 5, 2021

The Teacher of the Year Award was given a special form in this year’s edition. In other years, one teacher is voted for by students as favorite teacher and receives prize money from the University Fund Wageningen (UFW) for special educational goals. This year, together with a group of concerned teachers, UFW decided that all teachers deserved to be applauded for making innovative, blended education such a major success during the COVID-19 pandemic. To express gratitude and admiration of what has been achieved by all teachers at WUR, UFW developed a special video with the help of students, who sent a warm thank you to all the educational staff. A different destination was also found for the remaining prize money.

Together with a few teachers, Dean of Education Arnold Bregt and Rector Magnificus Arthur Mol decided that the remaining budget would be put to good use at the Anne van den Ban Fund. This fund allows talented students from developing countries to follow an education at Wageningen University & Research. After the completion of their degree, most of these students return home to contribute to the development of their country. With the prize money of the Teacher of the Year Award, in the name of all teachers at WUR, another MSc student from a developing country can study at WUR. Arnold Bregt: “With this year’s edition of the Teacher of the Year Award, we hope to have given teachers the feeling that they are valued, while simultaneously offering another student a chance to study at WUR.”

On September 30, 2021, Arthur Mol handed over the check to the chairman of the Anne van den Ban Fund Pim Brascamp, during the introductory dinner for new Anne van den Ban students. “The Anne van den Ban Fund would like to thank all teachers warmly for this contribution,” said Brascamp.

In 2022, the next edition of the Teacher of the Year Award will take place. This time, however, this will take place again in its previous form.

About the Teacher of the Year Award

Ever since 1981, high quality university education is rewarded by the Teacher of the Year Award, organized annually by University Fund Wageningen (UFW). Students can vote for their favorite teachers, after which a student jury hands out the prize. The winning teacher and the other shortlisted nominees receive money that they can spend on innovation of education.