Your gift matters

Your gift to the University matters. It strengthens the Wageningen University experience, and makes a real difference in the lives of our students.
Giving back to Wageningen University each year through the Wageningen University Fund strikes the core of a proud tradition of alumni support, connecting alumni of every class and era. Your gift to the Wageningen University Fund whatever its size, makes a valuable and immediate difference.

When you make a gift, you fund opportunities that transform the lives of students:

  • You support scholarships that enable deserving, motivated young men and women to further their education. The students whose lives are transformed by the education you support go on to make a profound difference in education, business or public service around the globe and within their local communities.
  • Your gift enables the Wageningen University Fund to promote integration and networking between Dutch and international students. The fund sponsors international student activities outside the study programme. The main goal of this subsidy is to encourage the international activities of students in both the Netherlands and abroad. The aim is to encourage students to work together and to promote networking between Dutch and foreign students.

Special achievements deserve extra attention and social recognition. Therefore, the Wageningen University Fund annually awards prizes to students, teachers and others who have achieved something remarkable. These awards underline the good level of education and research at Wageningen University. Thanks to your support the fund can reward excellence.

The Wageningen University Fund also supports the academic and cultural heritage of the university. The fund e.g. supports the digitization of the collections which ensures that students, staff and alumni around the world have access to Wageningen publications.

Take a small step toward making a big difference. Please consider making your first gift to Wageningen University Fund today. Every gift counts.